Wednesday, October 12, 2011

everybody needs

"everybody needs a friend like you to get behind them".
That's what she said.
A follower of this blog.

And I thought, "You know, she is SO totally right.  I'm so epic I can't stand it."

That thought was followed quickly by, "too bad I'm only one person."

AND then what happened?

I freaking remembered that I'm only one person who has a blog full of people to talk to....

So there's my task to you people.

Get behind someone.

It could be someone you know, or someone you've never met.

Maybe you encourage them to smoke one less cigarette today.  Maybe you go for a walk with them.  Maybe you send them a note that says, You're cool & beautiful like Alaska, or hot like Texas, if you prefer TX.  Maybe you tell them they don't suck.  Maybe you write a 640 word blog post dedicated to why you think they are going to DESTROY their marathon.  Or, maybe you don't.

The thing is that you never know what small thing that you say will be the THING that is the turning point for someone.

I believe in my heart that a few simple words can make a huge difference.

I know this to be a truth.

It's such a small thing.

pay it forward.