Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Letter to Rene'

Dear Rene',

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. 
--Paulo Coelho 

You know, I just love Paulo.  I think he must be a runner.  No, seriously I have no idea…  

The truth of the matter is he often writes about love, courage, and the opportunity to combine the two with taking risks.  Isn’t that what we do out here?  Marathons and running and socks and shuffleboard alike.

On Sunday you will run your 2nd marathon.  I know things haven't gone to plan, but when have things EVER gone to plan?  So this lesson isn't about speed or BQ.  It's about learning what there is to learn about marathoning so that next time, when the training does go well, you'll have some useful knowledge to take forward with you.

Lesson like ~

...sometimes you need more COWBELL, because, that’s just how we roll.

...sometimes it s really about being badass.

...Cinderella proved that a woman’s life can be changed by a good pair of shoes… and for those who don't know, Rene

So this weekend, lace up your shoes with love in your heart and courage in your mind.  If you savor every step, then no matter the end result, you will have succeeded.

Live in the moment.  Learn from the experience.  And, as always,

~savor the run~


(and an aside to Rene’s Posse – take care of my girl while you’re out there Taking Names and Kicking A**)


Rene' said...

okay crying right now. You can't write this stuff when someone is tapering. I am already a little emotionally unstable. Love you friend!!!

Jen said...

YAY.... Rene... we are ALL cheering for you. It is really only the .2 that gets to us, right?

Totally will be stalking you. Great letter, G!

April said...

Everyone needs a friend like you to get behind them!!Great letter.
Go Rene!!

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

O I love this!! Wish I had read it sooner, by now she has already kicked ChiTown in the booty :) you are awesome and I love your letters. GO RENE'!!!!