Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marathon Advice from The Witch Dr.

I saw my Witch Dr yesterday.

I love him.

You know he's ~like~ a serious Iron Man triathlete who runs sub 3 hour marathons?
yeah.  He knows athletes.

But that's not the only reason

I love him.

Here's why 

I love him.

We had a little chat while he was casually manipulating my foot about how the pain first presented.  And I told him I'd had an epic pain free 20 on Saturday.


I confessed that I ran 16 of my 20 miles at race pace, and waited for him to say, "boo."  Instead he broke into a HUGE grin and said, "YEAH!  Now THAT's what we're talking about!  Love it... you must feel great about the marathon, huh?!?"  um. yeah. i did, until i worried i'd hurt myself.

"No worries, this isn't panic worthy."

5 minutes later I stepped on the foot and while it wasn't pain free, it was pain reduced.  Diagnosis was along the lines of, inflammation caused by too much crack smoking.  He had some advice...

"...baby it this week with ice, and plenty of cross training, don't run through the pain.... then finish your training on schedule, ease into your taper, and CRUSH the marathon."

Witch Dr., I heart you.


Jesser said...

I feel such relief for you! I will be keeping my fingers crossed from afar.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

gotta love a dr who is runner crazy too.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I think the new blogger template is conflicting with the word verification requirement. every blogger who is using both, I've had to enter my comments twice on. Is it only happening for me?

RunHapi13 said...

Yes, that is the good 'ole (young) Witch Dr...he is the best.
Already prebooked my post marathon appt for Monday!
Glad the diagnosis was good!

SB2 said...

You runners are nuts. I'm totally envious!