Friday, October 14, 2011

Taper -Island- in the Sun

On this week's episode of Taper Island, we have many MTT'ers....    Yes, many of the coaches & runners I love and adore and crush on are wrapping up their time here.

They've been going ~crAzy~, and we've all been pretending that they're not INsane in the MEMBRANE... but to be honest, all y'all need to GET OUT OF HERE!

On Saturday a runner I love and a runner I've run with and a runner I crush on and a runner I've slept with and a runner I plan to sleep with... um... are on their way to Baltimore MD to kick some Galactic Bada**.  These ladies mean so much to me....

For example, I never know when ShyA is actually going speak to me, but when she does, those words are often uplifting... as long as she's not making fun of my Old School Music choices... and my beige minivan.  Dear 

Shy A, I ran with you last week, and what I saw is a phenomenally prepared runner.  You looked STRONG.  It’s time to come out and do some OLD SCHOOL running here.  Channel that beautiful relaxed runner I saw last Thursday, and just go for it.  You’re ready to blow the top off of this thing.

  "Capture the moment... OLD SCHOOL STYLE".

PinkJ is so tremendously giving that she gave up part of her morning to support my freaktastic 20 miler this past weekend.  I freaking KNOW.  She rocks/  She just needs to embrace this run in Baltimore.  PinkJ, On Saturday, it's your day to "seize everything you ever wanted...".  You've been here before.  You are well trained.  You have a plan.  Execute the plan.  

And SpeeDee ~ there aren't even words to describe her.  She sacrifices so much for so many others.  I sometimes want to shake her and say, BE SELFISH TODAY.  But even if I did that, she would not.  She just wouldn't.  Cos that's how she rolls...  Dear SpeeDee,  I love you.  You know what you mean to me.  You're always there for me, with a smile or with tears, in support or in action, you are the epitome of RUN LOVE.  I wish I could go with you tomorrow.  I wish I could be there with you.  I want you to just go get what YOU want out of Baltimore.  Do YOUR thing.  Be in YOUR moment.... you might have 99 problems... but.... Baltimore is your b*tch, so... 

Lion and I have some history.  ~huh~ you could read that a lot of ways...  Dear Lion, I believe in you.  You just need to relax and run the race you've trained for... and you KNOW what I'm saying.  Some days are EPIC.  Somedays are SURVIVOR.  But I think somedays are to be SAVORED.  And finally, some days are LESSONS to bring with you to TOMORROW's freaktastic.  Lion, let me also say this... you're the BEST Anacostia Running Partner ever, and, to be clear, I'd choose you again in a hot minute... because I like you just the way you are... oh, I just....  Seriously though, Galactically BadA**.  'nuff said.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Q is my coach and I think he's.... I mean, he gets overheated here in VA on a regular basis.  Cos it's hot here is all.  Dear I.Q...  I think we covered it all yesterday... but just in case:  "Run like snot".  "Try not to suck".  "Don't eat the yellow snow...". wait... that's, whoops, sorry, not sure where that came from... "Be cool like snow, and untouchable like yellow snow".

Pixie Green is running Baltimore Half Marathon 13.1 mile race this weekend.  Dear PG, Tomorrow you need to run your own race.  You have to follow your own plan.  Listen to your heart.  Not to the inner voice that doubts you, but TO YOUR HEART.  What does it tell you?  It tells you the truth.  Deep down inside you are thinking you can run this thing in (UBER GOAL):00, and you know what... you're right.  Believe that my friend, TRUST the training, TRUST yourself, TRUST your running-mate.  I have so much more that I can't say here.  Hopefully you "heard" it all.

And a little note to Mer - you go girlfriend.  Relax and just be, "and do better" (wink).

And lastly, TMB is out running a last tune up Half 13.1 mile race this weekend in RI.  Hey T, Have fun, look sexy, be smart.   Because sometimes life just gets in the way.... I think T's very brief dedication is going to be benched.... 

may the force be with you, and all the other runners out testing their limits this weekend!


Jen said...


I love that you GET me. And I HEARD the other stuff. Thanks, G!!!

RunHapi13 said...

OMG, I love, love, LOVE it!
And love you, but we all know that...
Yep, tomorrow is going to be interesting but you know I always love my race days NO MATTER WHAT.
And with this group, it's bond to be EPIC.

Meredith said...

I love you! And yes, everyone NEEDS someone like you in their life! Thank you!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

What an amazing uplifting post to your runner family. Everyone does need someone like you in their life!