Sunday, November 13, 2011

A few small words on RVA 11

"It's all mental until you pass out.  Then it's physical" ~author unknown~
That's the truest thing I can say about marathoning.  Ever.  Recap coming, I promise, but here are some high points from the weekend on film.  (also, I ran into some formatting issues with Blogger - it doesn't want to play nice).

Neon Coaches with Q
 The MTT pasta-thon was super fun.
Sprint Mint ... which fit into the Scooby Doo inspired
clothing choices.
Q was hazed by one of my favorites ("Nutty")
with the gift of a "new" pair of running shorts
constructed from the NEON flag.

post shake out run Pixies

Friday we met the Posse for bagels
Karasmatic, WnW & Kristi

Back Row - Southern Comfort, WnW, 3L, T, DeNiece, Pixie
Front Row - Kristi, Karasmatic, me, Cozy KC
At the pre-race bagel carb up we connected with pretty much the entire posse.  On Saturday morning I saw every single one of these women on the course at some point.  One in the corral before her EPIC BQ run, several on the course as we connected for a few miles here and there.  I never imagined on Friday how much these women would mean to me on race day.  I know...  silly silly me.  Marathoning brings out the very best in people... and these women are already beyond wonderful.

K.C., T & Pixie Green
wine-not-whine is GBA.

Birch is ... well, it was warm at the expo.

Me, Pixie & T
 Then Pixie & I hit the expo with her friend Bob, and ran into some GBA friends at the expo, which was fun.  Birch was volunteering at an information table with The Man & a few others.

Pam from Life Begins at 30 joined us!
And after that - we headed out of the city to have pasta with the Posse.
me & T's Doodle
oh, and I am married to
this guy.

the posse

We connected with quite a few bloggers,
Setting You Free's - Pixie Green
Life Began at 30 - Pam
Pace of Me - Jess
Racing with Babes - TMB
Long Legs on the Loose - Kayte

and we connected with quite a few locals

 <--- 3L & me!

Earth Mama Mer  --->

And then with a full tummy, Pixie and I went back to the hotel for a pillow fight... for sure that's what happens when two bloggers as HOTT as us share a hotel room, right?  

There's a lot more to this weekend, and EVERY ONE of the women in the photos here had a galactic day, and so that, made it a GREAT day....


Michelle said...

SO not fair! Hope you had a GREAT day all the way around. Can't wait for the recap......

Meredith said...

Love seeing the pics! Can't wait to read the recap! Again, so proud of you, friend!!

Katye said...

you did incredible out there G! After T told me what a rough time you were having (she actually said, "go find Ginny...make sure she is with someone.), I was AMAZED how freaking awesome and strong you looked. Congrats on yet again another killed GBA day! So many Beautiful STRONG ladies in those photos! I look up to all of you!

Erica said...

Hope you guys had a great time!! It was a wonderful race!

Anonymous said...

VERY jealous of the bagels. Einstein's is one of my favorite places to go for breakfast, but the closest one is a little under 4000 miles away. Not very convenient. It looks like you had a ton of fun! And congrats!