Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nervousness & Marathoning

So I guess... yeah, all my nervousness is totally gone.

I was UBER nervous on Tuesday/Wednesday...  probably for a few reasons.  

The main one being because a lot of people know my race goal, which means if I don’t achieve it, there will be a lot of people who are aware of my failure.  

One reason I told some of these people is because I want support on the course, and I might need someone to say, “Hey, you’re running XYZ/mile pace right now, but you need to be running XZY MINUS 10 seconds/mile to reach your goal”. 

My goal is pretty aggressive feeling, but then again, I’m a go big or go home kind of girl.  Still, the chills I was getting last week at the thought of the goal, are just... not there anymore.

I’m also really FIT, and I should trust that my training has gotten me fit enough to pull this off.

My 8K PR, which I ran on Oct 1 “projects out” to a Marathon Race Time that is 11 minutes FASTER than my goal.  So why would I question my goal anyway?

My goal is realistic.

My goals ARE realistic.

My plan is solid.


carrie said...

You can do it! Don't listen to that inner snot. Savor the run!!!! You're GBA!!!

bobbi said...

You've totally got this. You ARE fit and strong and you HAVE trained smart and well.

Now it's just time to go get it!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You are ready for this. You have such a solid training and fitness level that whatever goal you want is right there for the taking!

Like I said to your running wife, I'll just say congratulations now!

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

oh my goodness, I can so relate to this on every.single.level!
My goal scared me, too. Like really really really really scared me. I was shooting for a giant PR and even though my recent race times (of shorter distances) predicted that this was indeed totally realistic it just totally scared me in every way. But I let all that go - which was also terrifying. And I did my best and do you know what - I did it. I am still striving to get my BQ and I know that I will. Somehow saying that even after shaving off 54 minutes and change from my PR, still scares me. But that's ok. Just because it is a realistic goal doesn't mean it's going to be easy - you have been working hard to get where you are and have poured so much of yourself into your training. It is a big deal. BUT you can and you will DO THIS! i am so excited for you, G. i cannot wait to see you and meet you in person before you toe that line!! i am going to email you and T, btw. All my muscle soreness is gone and I'm heading out for my first post race run today. I cannot wait to be in Richmond in less than a week hoooray! You are going to ROCK THIS! maybe you should write a letter to yourself, the way you have written letters to so many of us before our big races? maybe that would be therapeutic for you? just an idea. I BELIEVE YOU, SISTAH!!!

Michelle said...

Seriously--No DOUBTS. Go out there and kick some ass! You're going to enjoy every single moment...even if it hurts!

Nicole said...

You can do it!! Your goals ARE realistic!! You are strong and ready!

Anonymous said...

Go Ginny!

Kortni said...