Monday, February 6, 2012

Every thing is GREAT here on Fantasy Island as long as you don’t leave. Also the flowers appear to be plastic.

I’ve been scrambling the last few weeks.  Nothing even feels real.  It’s like one day I woke up and discovered I was in The Twilight Zone, and by that I don’t mean Edward the Vampire and an underage goofy looking half nekkid werewolf were knocking on my door because I’m the socially awkward new girl.

I’m the socially awkward anemic runner.  

Vampires don’t even give me the time of day.
As long as I don't look too closely at anything, EVERYTHING is fine.  We're ALL FINE HERE.  But in all honesty...  the weirdness is peaking through in a few spots that are impossible to overlook.

AND Part of the weirdness is the randomness.

Randomness abounds at Chez Moi. 

I have a project due tomorrow, the usual scheduling mania that comes with 3 kids, a sometimes pissed off Right Foot, an interview for Will Feral’s placement, and a deadline for the magazine next weekend.  “I’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it…”  My rough draft isn’t even finished because ½ way through the rough I changed tack and moved on to a new version of the old idea.  It wasn’t going to play the way I envisioned.  I’m never late on a deadline.  Never.  And yet…  here it’s the 6th, and… nothing. 

C’est la vie.

My oldest daughter is signing up for classes for next school year, and wants to take French because I speak a miniscule amount of French and she thinks I will tutor her.  Miniscule is probably an over reach.  I read & write a bit more than I speak, and I read & write about 19 words & phrases.  Let’s recap a minute – she’s autistic and has a difficult time communicating in English.  I’m not 100% in favor of her taking a foreign language, and at the same time, I’m not 100% opposed.  You never know someone’s strengths until they try it.  Maybe a foreign language is her thing?  But if it’s not, we’re in for rough water ahead.

Speaking of slogging…
My return to running was celebrated a touch early.  I was up to running 4 days a week… and now I’m back to running 2 days a week.  I’m hopeful I can pull of 3 days a week next week but (dot dot dot).  Regardless, I am not comfortable running.  My plan for this spring was to come into training with a nice base of about 35 miles a week and then add speed to that base.  Now I’m just trying to survive 12 miles a week without pain, tingling or numbness.  I managed a tempo run last Sat at a solid pace, but no-where near where I was last Oct. 

Maybe weird isn’t the word for that last bit, but pissed off and frustrated is sort of over done at this point.


Jen said...

I miss you! I miss your running glories... Hmmm try running on just one foot! As for the writing, drink some wine and let me at it!

Rene' said...

French huh? That is what Siri wants to take too. I actually speak enough spanish to be able to help her, but guess what? Spanish is not cool. Uhhh...the life of a future 7th grader.
You know that I am ready to read when you are ready to send. xoxoxoxo!

Anonymous said...

Ginny- My dyslexic Willow wants to sign up for Latin! French sounds quite blissful!
I'm sorry that you are still struggling with the running too. I find lately, that I can alternate walk run and manage ok.
Thanks for the blog link

MCM Mama said...

Why is there such a distance between out houses? I need to come down there and give you a hug (and a beer). Hang in there. I have my fingers crossed that everything will soon fall into place for you. (And you know if there's anything I can do for you, all you need to do is call or text!)

Char said...

Two of my sons chose to do German because I'd done it at high school and had gotten really good marks for it. But high school was a good few years ago and I've kind of forgotten most of my German so I was almost no use.

bobbi said...

you have so many balls in the air right now! I'm frankly amazed at how well you are holding it all together, ESPECIALLY with a pita right foot to deal with.

I frankly can't even think about James as a preteen. I'm sure I'll be calling on your expertice when the time comes.

I'm here if you need an ear. I may not have a holocaust cloak, but I'm a good listener...

Nicole said...

It does sound like a bucket of crazy around there! My kids will probably pick French or something else useless here in CA, especially since hubs is fluent in Spanish and I can read and write. Kids! I hope that the running stops hurting and you can actually get some miles in.

Anonymous said...

Well, it isn't boring at least, right? :) I am sorry about the running not being where you had hoped. Injuries suck, especially ones that don't go along with the recovery plan. Give it time, you'll get there.

French, eh? I am fairly fluent in German, but French didn't work out for me. If I remember correctly the instructor was always appalled at my pronunciation. Of course, I was taking French in Germany, so I was a little confused by the whole embedded foreign language learning thing anyway.

I don't know anything about autism at all, so this comment is probably way out in left field. However, I believe I had heard once that foreign languages are learned on the other side of the brain from a native language. (How's that for sounding authoritative?) Your daughter might do well in French. In any case, they are fun and worth trying to learn.

Marie said...

Sorry about the foot, girl. I hear ya on that one..I've got PF here and getting frustrated myself. Hang in there. xoxo