Thursday, February 23, 2012

it already melted

They’re all different.  Every one is unique.  Constructed of endless variables.

Yeah, I could be talking about Snowflakes.

But I'm not.  I'm talking about Run.

I was speaking to a runner who's new in my life about who I am and where I'm going as a runner.  He's only met me since my slump started, and I was trying to convey to him that I'm actually GBA gf.  I used my 8K win from last fall to explain that.

And then I realized that the 8K from last fall has nothing to do with who I am today as a runner.  It was a snapshot in time.  A perfect day.  The ideal run.... and it happened so long ago that it's not a reflection of me anymore.

This lead me to the following:  It’s time for me to stop trying to find yesterday’s run.

It already melted.

It’s gone. 

I can’t repeat it. 

Each run is a unique moment.  If it happens that today’s is exquisitely shaped with symmetry and balance, well… go you.  If it happens in a race?  FREAKING GO YOU!  Most of the time we’re not that lucky to have a document of the perfect run.  

There’s no telling when or how it will appear.  It makes no sense.  Or, it makes perfect sense.  Some days are just perfect for no reason at all. 

I’ll remind myself that there’s no use in dwelling on yesterday’s perfection.  That was a measure of yesterday.  What I need to do is focus on today's running, my current week, and see what my current capabilities are instead.

So for the moment, my wisdom is to remember yesterday’s run fondly, but don’t look for it tomorrow.

It already melted.

~savor the run~


carrie said...

Well said GBAGF!!!!

MCM Mama said...

So very true!

And you are always GBA. Speed and distance do not define that. It comes from within you.

Melissa Cunningham said...

very well written post,lil ms GBA!!!!!!
my xc coach used to always say:
control what you can today,
do your best everyday
but always remember that you are only as good as your next race....or something like that....?

Char said...

I love the snow flake analogy. I have had bad runs. I have had good runs.They've all been different and the only one who cares about the differences is me. And even if it's bad, and even when I can't run, I'm still a runner

Earth Momma Mer said...

Yes, yes, yes! Sounds like words from our bike conversation. Goodbye to my 3 miler this morning! It melted. And I replaced it with a GBA bike ride instead.

Pam said...

Very clever analogy. ;) But I would expect nothing less from my favorite gba_gf.

Kortni said...

Good how you so eloquently compare things to running!

Jen said...

Love this post! And frankly, I needed to read it!

Meredith said...

I'm all weepy over here. Beautifully written!

Smiled every mile today and thought of you often. Thank you for being such an incredible encouragement and for inspiring me more than you can imagine!

Marie said...

I can't agree more! So true! I needed this post. Thank you!