Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today I broke my own rules.
My rules for racing are typically something along the lines of, “I would rather have a DNS than a PU”.  That is, I don’t typically like to run a race.  I like to race a race. 

And yet, at 8:19 this morning I found myself squished into a sexy JEEP Wrangler with 11 other runners waiting for the 8:30 start of an 8K I had no intention of racing.  We were parked.  

I went parking with my run and 11 other people…. I may be off topic. 

All I’m going to say is ~runners are weird~ and hot, or warm, whichever you prefer…  ‘Cause after we got out of the JEEP we snuggled in a giant group hug at the start line, and despite the 9 degree wind chill, I wasn’t too cold. 

I’m not trying to say anything here, but I… maybe…  enjoyed the hugging.  Yeah.

My personal goals today were something like, “let the pack leave me in the first mile”, “Don’t vom”, and “Try not to suck” all at the same time.

Goals were accomplished.  My A10K “coach” J1of2 decided to hang with me… god knows why.  The air was cold, I am still a little out of shape, and I sounded like a 2pack/day smoker climbing the first hill.  “What can I say, I’m a heavy breather….”.

Damn, that was still hard.

Despite the fact that I was trying to take it "easy", I felt that I struggled through most of the race. 


But with J1of2, at my side, I did manage to run along at a respectable if not blistering pace.  RightFoot checked out at mile 3ish.  Not sure what THAT was about.  By the end of the race it was numb from about mid-foot to the toes.  It’s distracting when your foot aches with every step… it makes it hard to concentrate on things like form, cadence, pace and giggling. 
GBA gf, WnW, J1of2, KC, 3L, DeNiece, J2of2, Kristi


Anyone who ever runs with JX2 knows what I’m talking about.  There is going to be giggling and banter.  And lots of it.

Sweetheart 8K, 42:19ish.


Rene' said...

I knew you would become a hugger. xoxoxoxo!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

And I thought you weren't a hugger...hehe.

Nice 8k! I'm running my first 8k ever in March, inspired by you and T, of course.

Earth Momma Mer said...

Yeah, we will break you in. One hug and race at a time. :) XOXO G! Good job!

Meredith said...

One step closer :)

Nice job!!

bobbi said...

They'll make a hugger out of you! Nice work out there!

Marie said...

Aww...hugs! My runner friends and I are huggers! Great job on the 8k....that's an awesome time in my book.;)