Friday, August 31, 2012

Amino Acids & sciencey #junk like that

Every time I hear polypeptide amino acids I think about Star Trek. I was a geek growing up.  I embraced it.  I still do.

But, as I evolved into a student, the Amino Acids I encountered became interesting for different reasons.  And then, as I morphed into an athlete, they became something else.

So let me tell you a story about my MOJO, a hot (read: SMOKING HOT) Ironguy, and a little miracle I'm going to call "Amino Acids".

Something about lack of good sense and going too hard all the time lead to my over training.... Anyway, with the *gentle guidance of my coaches I took about 5 days off and eased back into my plan just in time for the taper. (*"Chill the feck out or I will take your bike away")

In the mean time I met this souper sexy triathlete Ironguy right around the time I lost my appetite, which along with loss of sleep, is one of my hallmark signs of over training.  He knows a lot more about Triathlon than I do, and seems to enjoy sharing his scope of knowledge with me.
So... I went from being cranky and famished to being cranky and

That's kind of a fail when you're running 12 miles at 5 a.m. on any given Tuesday and riding 30 miles at 6 p.m. of the same day, and running 15 - 20 minutes at 7:30 p.m. immediately following the ride... (really, why was I so shocked I spiraled into an over training cycle? oh yeah, lack of good sense)

Anyway, Ironguy is obsessed with chocolate milk immediately post workout.  


We've all heard the studies, but how many of us think it doesn't apply because we're (lactose intolerant, trying to manage our weight, not working out at that level, unsure how much/when to drink, forgetful and don't bring it with us, don't know if it could actually work).  <-- pick your poison.

We've done a little bit of running together in the last 3ish weeks, and he's kind of a milk pusher.  So I accepted the crack and moved on.  ~sure, whatever... I'm not hungry (see above about over training) but I'll drink the chocolate milk if it makes you happy~ and guess what?

Even after smaller workouts (as little as an hour or so) I saw a huge difference in my muscle recovery.  And I started to hear the whisper of my MOJO again.

Oh. snap.  Science rears it's head... adding amino acids = muscle repair.

AND I discovered a lactose free chocolate milk that tastes like crack might taste if crack came in chocolate milk form, which as far as I know, it doesn't and even if it did I shouldn't share that information.

Thursday I had a solid little hour long ride.  I struggled to get in the groove, but finished on strong legs... so it all evened out.  And after the ride, I went for a short run with my Tri Wife.

"Oh HEY!  I'm a runner!"

I don't know if it was the rest after the over training incident, or the muscles are feeling good a few days into the taper, the soup in my diet, or the copious amounts of strategically timed chocolate milk, or WHAT but Holy Carp, that run felt like... running.  My pace was my old pace.  My legs were my old legs.  My MOJO was definitely... yeah.

And yeah, my MOJO and I totally finished the workout sharing some delicious chocolate milk on the drive home.

I suppose I ought to tell Ironguy he was "right".... or, maybe I'll skip it.

I'm sure he already knows.

~savor the run~


carrie said...

YAY! You found your MOJO! (I'm just catching up on here, I see you've been a posting fool!) I <3 chocolate soy milk. I'm not lactose intolerant but my baby is and I drink it with him.

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Anonymous said...
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