Saturday, August 4, 2012

Heroin Use in General

I admit it.

I got high today.  Big time.  like, ~whew~, cracked out junkie high.

It was a real surprise, and at the same time, not really.  I mean, I get high off a 7 mile run under the right circumstances, surely this is a sign that it's not that hard to get me stoned.  I like my Heroin Use in General...  Especially if the effect is the result of hard running effort on a crisp morning.

So, if Running is Heroin, what does that make Cycling?

I'm worried my running shoes are going to stage an INTERVENTION.

Because if running 6 or 7 miles gets me high, you can only imagine what I look like after a 65 mile ride through the country with 10-20 of my BFF's. ain't pretty.  That's for darned sure.

It's hot.

But that's mostly because it's hot in VA.

I met a new friend today.  A gorgeous Lady.  She has beautiful legs.  But, she's also pretty funny.  We were teasing each other about shared misery versus "fun" today.

"Admit it, you love this."

ok.ok.  I admit.

*in a barely audible whisper* I ~maybe~ get why people like riding bikes in giant groups on winding hilly roads dodging cars and giggling.

It's fun to bust the speed limit on a bike.  And when the speed limit is 45 mph, it's still fun.
Shh.  Don't tell my mom.

But more importantly than going fast, is just going with the knowledge that you're putting in everything you've got and enjoying the results (to a point).

I did a little soul searching today, and I don't know 100% that I'm in this for the fun.

Because sometimes this hurts, and is pain really that fun?  No...  not really.  I mean, marathoners are experts on pain.  And fun, for that matter... but that's not really why I run marathons.

And certainly cycling is fun, but...



upon evaluation of the cataclysmic HIGH that washed over me at some point today as my entire system was flooded with endorphins, I think I should be honest with myself... I'm clearly not in this for the "fun".

It's obvious.

I'm in this for the "heroin".


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Hugs! Love it.

Pam said...

I keep hearing about this ever elusive endorphin high... but I have yet to experience it.

carrie said...

You're making me want to drink the cool aid! I've got to find a bike...

Earth Momma Mer said...

Um, yeah? High? You remember the scene I caused at my last tri. :) Great post, G.