Thursday, May 28, 2009

g's terrible no good very bad day

I would like to start over please.  I would like to go back to Monday when it was the last day of a busy 3 day weekend and I thought, I'm going to potty train B this week and it's going to be a nice low key week and by Friday or Saturday I'll know if I should keep going w/ the potty training or can it until after August 15th.  (when we get home from our marathon vacation).

If I could go back to Monday and talk to myself I would say, "Hey g, s'up?  So listen, about this whole plan of yours.  This isn't the week to do it.  This week is going to suck.  Why don't you just go ahead and wait until June 1 or some other random date.  Trust me on this one."  But, alas, time travel wasn't on the agenda and I didn't get the heads up.  Instead, this was how my week went.

On Monday after my run, I had had ENOUGH of the odor in my kitchen.  Enough was enough.  H had been under the house multiple times and found nothing, but I knew better than that.  I knew there was something there.  The smell had to be coming from outside.  I know b/c I have completely torn the inside of the kitchen apart.  Yea, I found a rotten board, black, dripping wet, covered with mold & crap.  ...little did i know....

So, I figured that since I would be home all day on Tuesday potty training B, I would call a friend and ask him to come out and give us an opinion.  Yea.  He came in on Tuesday, took a look in the morning, and came out with grim news.  The kind of news you don't really want an experienced contractor of 20 years to admit, but know you have to take what you get sometimes.  He didn't know, he would have to rip some boards down to find out, was that OK?

Um.  I guess it has to be OK, because the smell has to stop.

The friend of ours called in a friend of his, and yesterday, day two of potty training, they came together to look.  And, when they came up from under the house, they had grim news.  There's a water leak, and it seems bad.  This has been going on for a long time.  OK.  So what now?  We think we can fix it, but first we have to brace the deck, cut it away from the house, call in a plumber, get the pipe repaired, blah blah blah.... (I don't know exactly what he said, it was a little over the head)... I can tell you that they looked me right in the eyes and said, It's the waste pipe that's leaking.  The WASTE pipe.  Just think about it for a minute.  Wait a minute, does that mean that waste has been leaking into my walls for weeks, maybe months?  Yes ma'am.

The friend of ours came back today because he wanted to give a fair estimate when they write up the quote, and he thought he could jury rig the leak.  Only guess what?  When he ripped the rest of the boards down, he discovered that the pipe is actually cracked IN HALF.  The waste pipe to the kitchen sink is cracked in half.  This means that we can't use the sink for days except if we absolutely HAVE to (i.e.- someone forgets and turns the water on).... we may as well not have a dishwasher or garbage disposal b/c we can't use them at all... and, in short, we're back in the days where people don't have running water in the kitchen.  

I've been home all week potty training B, while men crawl around under the house and each time they come up for air they deliver more bad news, worse than yesterday's news.  No wonder I have a wicked headache.

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