Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skinny B*tch: take #2

I decided to re-read Skinny Bitch.  One of the reasons I decided to revisit that book, despite the fact that I didn't love it the first time around, is because I didn't read it completely that time.  I read a few chapters, declared that it wasn't for me, and that was that.  Now, I have read the whole thing.

It's still not for me.  But, not for the reasons I initially decided.  First off, I'm considering going vegetarian.  Not because I believe that all animals deserve the right to live and all that, but because I'm starting to think that my body doesn't like meat that much.  I mean, I LOVE to eat meat.  It's tasty.  It's easy for me to work with.  My family loves it.  We could go on here.  But, I won't bore you with the 1005 reasons meat is a family favorite.  

Nor will I gross you all out with the 4 or 5 reasons I'm starting to think my body doesn't like meat.  Let's just say that I'm suspicious that meat and I are coming to a sad end.  Definitely, "cow" products and I need to be done with each other.  The last few times I've consumed red meat or raw milk, it's been bad.

Anyway, one of the reasons I read skinny b*tch was to figure out IF the meat issue was going to totally crush my lifestyle.  The SB girls suggest giving up one thing at a time, until you've given up all meat products/milk/dairy and fish.  Once you're done with their plan you are a vegan.  I know a few vegans.  They're crazy, animal loving, tree hugging, environmentalist, liberals.

I'm crazy.  Check.
I'm an animal lover.  Check.  Wait, un-Check, I disagree with a lot of PETA principles.
I'm... mmm... not really a tree hugger, ...
But I am a fan of air to breathe, and am a proponent of walking instead of driving when possible, so I guess that makes me an environmentalist.  Check.  
Liberal.  Check.

Maybe I should consider this new vegan lifestyle as an option.  Maybe.  Or, maybe not.  I'm lazy sometimes and this sounds like a lot of work.  The jury is out.  But at the moment, I think that I'm going to have to be one of those folks who avoids red meat and milk in order to save the world... or at east to avoid, uh, other random embarrassing issues.

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