Friday, May 8, 2009

This'll sting a bit...

When you get a shot, the Dr warns you, right?  It's going to hurt, and you can prepare for it.

Today, I didn't get a warning when I overheard someone I thought of as a friend, say something really unpleasant about me in a really unpleasant tone.  If it had come from someone else, I wouldn't have cared.  Seriously, everyone isn't going to be "my friend".  But to hear it from the person who said it made me really sad.  I piped up immediately, so she knew I was there, right there where I could hear her.  Not because I was too stupid to realize how truly mean it was.  Trust me, I'm not that dumb, but because it would have broken me to hear the other people she was with agree with her. 

What would I tell my daughter, C if this happened to her?  I don't know, I guess I would tell her to be forgiving.  I would probably say that everyone isn't going to be her friend so she should put her efforts into being friends with other people.  

But, it makes me sad to think about my friend, and to wonder, "how long has she felt this way?  how long has she been rolling her eyes behind my back?  how long have she and someone else been exchanging long looks with each other?" 

I'm a generally nice person.  I don't criticize other people's parenting, even if I don't agree with it, or know from experience that they'll change their mind later.  I tend to give a lot of advice because I know that people either like what they hear and use it, or don't care for the advice and ignore it.  The worst vice I have is that I like to make jokes, usually at my own expense, and I talk too much.  Ok, so that was 2 vices.  Oh, and I say stupid things when I drink too much, but that's not THAT often.

Anyway, I guess I will just lay low for a while.  


PinkAsphaltMama said...

And because revenge is something that we are too mature to exact (except in our dreams), just know that karma will come back around and slap her in the face for doing that.


momof3 said...

I love you, PinkAsphaltMama, you know that right? It's nice to have you in my corner.