Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My New Favorite Book

Last year I read, The Life of Pi and The Alchemist.  And I thought, I'll never find two books that speak to me so deeply as those two books.  The first one is advertised as a book that will make you believe in God, and the second one is a book that is advertised as a book that makes people believe in themselves.  And I read them, and I fairly well agree with those two statements.  One is a "true story" (in quotes because it can never be proven, though I was inclined to believe that it was as true as a person can remember when under intense stress) and the other is pure fiction but so brilliant.

I was nearly ready to accept that no other book would speak to me as deeply as these, but low and behold, I read the most amazing book about redemption.  True, the book was about a prostitute with remarkable beauty who works in Geneva, but, still, I really related to her.  The book is Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes.  It's beautiful, without being cliche, and it definitely talks about things that we all think about, even when we're pretending not to, and no, it will not make you believe in God, and it probably won't change your life, but it might make you try something for the sake of stepping out of your comfort zone.  Life is supposed to be an adventure, it would be a shame to miss it for the sake of being safe.  Even the bad things that happen are part of the treasure we seek.

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