Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Halfway points & 1/3 marks

It's my "half-way mark" to 100 miles racing, birthday, and anniversary this week.  But, that's just the tip of what's going on in my life this May.  Why is May so full?  I cannot be the only person who feels that Mother's Day should be moved to a new month... like August, or October.  There are no good holidays in August, or, "Have a SPOOOKY Mother's Day!" where all the mother's travel around from house to house collecting wine, chocolate and popcorn balls from their neighbors.  I like it.  It's far better than giving me a live plant and expecting it to still be alive by the next Mother's day.

I'm half-way to 100, breaking the 50 miles racing mark on May 17th at mile 5.9 of the Cary Town 10K.  Just 50 to go.  Now that I've raced the first 50+, it's all downhill from here.  I have 1 5K, 1 Half Marathon, 1 30K, 1 marathon, and 1 10K remaining for the year.  I can do math, so I know that I'm so going to end up running more than 100 racing miles if I do that 30K.  Ever since I did that 15 K before the half marathon, I've got it in my head that I really SHOULD do a 30K before the Marathon.  It was so helpful as far as racing strategies and such.

This birthday is not even worth mentioning.  I'm not hitting any of "those" milestones that seem to be celebrated in excess, and it's just a Friday work day.  Still, I'm having a small party for myself just the same, with a few long time friends.  (if you didn't get invited, don't worry, gifts can be mailed...).  Still, while other people seem to have mid life crisis' or even quarter life crisis', I'm having a 1/3 life crisis.  Yea, I keep looking in the mirror and regressing to my teenage "OMG- I'm like totally the fattest one in my group of friends!" moments, as well as, my more adult thoughts that range to, "Holy F*()@!  I look 40.  If I look 40 now, what am I going to look like when I'm 40?  HOLY F*()@!  IDOLOOKMIDDLEAGEDAFTERALL!!!"  So, I'm short, fat, old.  So far, birthday week is a touch alarming to me.  If this is what I'm like at 33 (there, I said it), imagine what a mess I'll be at 39?  No, don't.  And don't get me started on the minivan.

The anniversary is also not a 'milestone' anniversary, though, I think it's far more important that the one that we celebrated last year.  Anyone can make it to 10 years if they put some effort into it, but I think once you pass that mark it would be easy to slack off.  Kind of like running a race, when you're at mile 3, you have 10 left to go, and it seems like an impossibly long distance and why not just quit?  So, needless to say, the 11th year has been a challenge, I'll not lie.  For those who are "younger marrieds", be gently warned, as was I that the 7th, 11th (and so they say, 16th) years are particularly challenging.  

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