Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ok, admittedly I'm not a play it cool kinda girl when it comes to anything except men. Usually when I race I obsess and plan, and get crazy and plan some more, carry way too much stuff with me, check a bag, etc. So to think that yesterday I was "cool" about the marathon blew me away. I was CHILL. I was COOL. I was cooler than cool.

Today, I woke up... not so much chill. I am RAMPED UP! Richmond Marathon HERE I COME! A few quick notes on my general mood.

I feel AMAZING, and amped up, and the few little jitters I had when I stepped out of bed are GONE. I am ready to RUN. I can't force down a large bagel, so I'm going to take a banana with me in the car... maybe I'll eat it, maybe not.

An AWESOME note - V., my dear friend, drove in from PA to surprise me and run the last 6 with me & T. She's not a runner, per say, but she's been training for a few weeks so she could build her milage to 6. I'm just tickled. It's a SIGN that TODAY IS GOING TO ROCK!!!!

I thought of SDD today, when I decided on my slogan of the morning: "There is NOT CHARGE for awesomeness, OR Attractiveness". (Kung Fu Panda - if you have not seen that movie, get up RIGHT NOW and go see rent it).

TO all my running brethren out there today, may your feet be swift, your portapotties be plentiful, and may the God of Garmin smile upon you!

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