Sunday, November 1, 2009

skirt-a-holism is going to need to start their own version of AA.  Skirtaholics Anonymous.  Seriously, it's scary.  They have 50% off some of THE CUTEST running gear in the world~!  OK, that's an opinion of mine, but I cannot be alone in this opinion!  

Today I went online to place an order... and it went a little like this...

"I'll get myself 1 team skirt, the Navy/Pumpkin, since I have the Navy/Pink and Navy/Gold already and I know I have plenty of stuff to match those colors....  and one "other" item.  I mean, what if I run Shamrock?  Won't I need a green skirt?  Yea, OK, so I'll just put that in my cart, it's half off after all.  Wow, this haute pink/black skirt is cute.  I'll put it in my cart too.  Ooooh, purple cheetah, I'll just put that in my cart, it's half off.  Oh, look at THAT skirt, too cute, matching tops, also on sale...  So, let's go check out... $300!  Holy cow.  Huh.  Visa and I aren't having THAT good of a year, better pare that down a bit...."

Do you have ANY idea how painful it was to delete things out of my cart?  DO YOU???  What if next years skirts aren't as cute (HA HA HA - like THAT's going to happen)....  I will have missed my opportunity.  So, an alcoholic is someone who's afraid of running out of drink...  I am afraid of running out of skirt...  which is what happens when I wear my old size 3's ~snicker snicker~.  No seriously, if I buy another skirt, I'll have enough that I won't have to stress about which one is on the drying rack and which one is in the washer. 

Hello?  Skirt-annon anyone?  Do I need to start hosting weekly meetings?  Oh wait, I already do this every Sat or Sun for 7 - 15 miles....  never mind.