Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And... back to normal

Now that the Marathon of Marathon training is over, and I no longer have to be neurotic about what to expect on M-day.... it's time for me to resume my neurotic ramblings of a mom.

Monday my youngest child turned 3. That would mean that my BABY is 3 years old. Um. What? WHAT? Oh, that's cool. I'm cool with that. I mean, after all, 3 is still pretty young. At 3 they still have training wheels on their bike, they have a booster seat at the dinner table and they (well, most of them) have bed rails to keep them tucked safely in at night.

Anyway, you'd probably like to know how we celebrated her birthday? WEEEEeeeeell, about that. We didn't really. On Monday I had a "thing" at JSR regarding the school I'm applying to... it's some kind of manditory orientation that is, um, manditory. So, I had to arrange to get the day off of work (the little one I babysit) and get a sitter of my own (which was pretty easy to find - thanks), and drive 30+ minutes downtown, etc and so forth. We celebrated her birthday by going to the grocery store and buying 6 cupcakes with fall foliage leaf candies sprinkled on their tops.

Today, 2 days later, she had a rockin' house party though with her 5 best peeps and Baby Natalie, and I suspect will now sleep for days. I did make cup cakes in the shape of Elmo and Grover, and they turned out mad cute. I will attach a photo. They were as cute as the Star Wars Tie Fighter Cupcakes and since they were 2000X easier to make, I now prefer Sesame Themed Birthday Parties to Star Wars Themed Birthday Parties.

Happy Birthday B!

Bake 24 cupcakes according to box directions. I used foil liners, fyi. Then frost in plain white frosting (for testing purposes I used Dunkin Hines Cream Cheese flavor). Immediately dip, rolling slightly, in a bowl of desired sprinkles. The mouths, noses and whites of eyes are all canned "Dunkin Hines Cup Cake Frosting". I used the round tip, and strongly suggest practicing on a paper plate before you attempt a cup cake. The "google eye" effect was achieved with an upside down chocolate chip. Enjoy!

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Chele said...

Thanks, now for parties I can bring, chicken dip, litterbox cake or Sesame Street cupcakes. Maybe by the time I'm 50 I'll learn to make something else