Friday, November 13, 2009

High FIVE & Marathon Dedication

Before my ROCKIN Shamrock Half marathon I dedicated each mile to the women and son who helped me train for the race. It was awesome, because I couldn't imagine a better way to honor someone than to run a mile for them... So here it is: For 10 minutes and 22 seconds THIS is your mile...

Mile 1 Is for Dad - Because he's driving up on a day when he has 100 other things to do, so he can be here to support me.

Mile 2 is for MJ (Mom)- Because Mom always acted like this was just another "run", and at the same time she encouraged me to do it. She never questioned whether I would succeed, I mean in her mind, I'm G, Of course I will succeed

Mile 3 is for B - my 3rd Child, my HOLY TERROR, My reason for Stress. I love my kid, don't get me wrong, but once you meet her, you know why I would need to run to burn off stress. (as I type this, she is tip toeing with her finger over her mouth toward the counter to steal another Ginger Snap, as if having her finger over her lips makes her invisible.)

Mile 4 is for Dee & Pam! Thanks for sending me good vibes and encouragement (and encouragement to try new things - boy, that sounds interesting in writing). You ladies have made my day more than once, and because of you SpeeDee, I am running a 20 mile "warm up" and a 10K on Saturday, so, thanks for that.

Mile 5 is for MEL. You rock! You inspire! You have the CUTEST blog (and cutest kids, since I've been snooping at your other blog too). But seriously, thanks for your words of encouragement and the courage to post your TMI marathon story. This "HIGH FIVE" is for you!

Mile 6 is for my Ann Taylor Jeans, size 6, that I thought had left me forever. I love you. ~sniff~ It's good to have you back.

Mile 7 is for my son, G, an awesome 7 year old who has NO idea how long a marathon is but Knows I can DO IT! Thanks G. You rock.

Mile 8 is for BODY GLIDE. I can't write why. You ALL know why.

Mile 9 is for Cindy & Christy at Ladies, without your skirts, my a** wouldn't look nearly as cute on a race course. So thanks for truly providing something sporty, feminine and seriously practical all at the same time. Your skirts ROCK.

Mile 10 is for C, my darling daughter, who has been so inspired by my running skirts that she has decided to take up running. I'd like to say it was something else that inspired her, I would, but... she's a girl. She's 10. She's a fashionista.

Mile 11 is for the Run Like a Mother Team: Because it's the little things, the little laughs, the small words of encouragement that we all say to each other in passing that add up to an impressive amount of support. Thanks Ladies, for making me laugh, keeping me on time, and for "embarrassing cheetahs everywhere".

Mile 12 is for Jackie P... our honorary skirt. Thanks for joining us for the last 12 of the best 20 miles I've ever run. You're a great inspiration, but also an entertaining running partner and I'm pleased that you were able to share some of that with us. I know you're going to have a stellar race.

Mile 13 is for Emily! because she's coming out to run miles 6.something to about 13 with us on Saturday!

Mile 14 is for ANGIE BERMAN who is AWESOME and invited two hot, sweaty, over heated?, dehydrated, sad runners into her home for a few minutes of sanctuary on an EARLY Saturday morning. Thank You Angie - I will never look at the road that leads to your neighborhood without thinking to myself, "Angie Berman may have saved my life..."

Mile 15 is for Victoria, Ann, Marc, Chele, Denise and Melissa, thanks for all your encouraging words, boxes of pasta, cute texts, DRIVING DIRECTIONS, etc and so forth. Denise & Melis, I know you're going to ROCK the 8K and Half Marathon!

Mile 16 is for Fay! I love running with Fay. She's the best, she's quiet, pretends to listen to my rambling and rambling and rambling for miles on end, and when she does say something it's either very smart and on point, or hysterical. You're the best & I know you're going to KICK IT on Saturday in the HALF and CANNOT WAIT to hear about your awesome race!

Mile 17 is for my H, Sean, because he was against this all along, but he's going to suck it up and make it work. Thanks babe.

Mile 18 is for Rachel P., because you know what you need to say to help someone succeed. Your business makes you an inspiration to many, and I'm happy to be included in that group of lucky women, but most of all, you are a gift, a treasure, (with a good sense of humor to boot) and I consider myself so SO lucky to count you as a friend. Thank you.

Mile 19 is for Tonia because you're my best friend. When my kid says something funny, I can't wait to tell you *saving a tidbit for the race BTW, remind me, it was G, when I see that I have a free morning I want to find out what you're doing, when I have a good run I want to share the glory, and when I have a bad run, I know you'll either tell me it's OK or to suck it up, which ever is appropriate. I love that you know which is appropriate. ...You know I could type all day and not scratch the surface... to sum it into one sentence, "I would rather spend a Sunday evening at the ER with you, than anywhere else by myself."

Miles 20 - finish: is for me. Months of training, believing, and preparing for this day to climb my Everest have paid off. This is MY time. My 20 mile warm up will be under my belt, now it's time for a 6.2 mile race and a Marathon PR.

My goal on Saturday is: To have fun. To Finish. To PR. If I have fun, surely I'll finish, and in finishing, I'll have a nifty Marathon PR.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

THANK YOU! Total Pie Filler right there. I hope you rock it baby!!

How much do I love that you dedicated a mile to your jeans and body glide...we would be fast friends,

HUGS and high five to you!!

Jenn said...

Nice Post! Good luck on your race!

TMB said...

Love it and you! I can't wait to rock this race with you! And I am really interested in finding out what G said ... surely it was that he was going to die from a paper cut.

KAT said...

Good luck to you too!