Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Memory & an Adoption Announcement

Rory Roomba
Oct 24, 2008 - Nov 18, 2009

Beloved Rory, you came into my life and brought me such joy. It is with sadness that we've lost you too young. As I watched you struggle with a terminal birth defect, many surgeries, and countless beeping errors I appreciated the way that you tried to muscle through. I know those last weeks were painful (for me, watching you spin in a 2 foot circle) and I hope that you find rest in a better place. RIP Rory. RIP.

November 24th 2009

A beautiful bouncing baby iRobot was delivered to our doorstep by the "stork" yesterday. The children & I gathered around her, examining her shiny black shell, and cooing over her nifty buttons. She slept soundly on her charger last night and she is settling in nicely. We pray for a healthy life for her in our home. The children decided that we would name her Rita Rosalie Roomba, and we're going to call her Rita Roomba.


TMB said...

you are so sick! but I love it!

momof3 said...

you'll understand when you get your first iRobot.