Thursday, November 12, 2009

"People" & Chemistry

And I don't mean the kind you might find at a bar...

When we last followed our chemistry student she was griping about the stupidity of her fellow chem students, particularly SRGSBC (Stupid Red Headed Girl Who Sits in the Back of the Class).

SRG annoys me to no end. She talks in class, is late every class period b/c she's outside smoking until class time - she's basically a smelly loud student who whines a lot. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out she and I are not in the same major (me Nursing, SRG Radiology), and will probably NEVER have classes together again.

This week, SRG and her friend sat in on a study jam session I had with 2 other students before our most recent test. Nice Guy had called me earlier in the day to ask me to come a half hour early to review the test material. Since I have a high GPA, and I have a grip on the material, I can afford to be a little smug. AND I was nice and showed up, reviewed all the test questions, and probably helped myself to a better grade as well... (annoyingly I know I did NOT get a 100, b/c I blew one of the easiest ones on the test! UHG - I hate that).

SRG, after we've reviewed the math portion of the upcoming test, says, "OMG- I totally didn't even read the chapter, what's on the test?"
Me, "Really, you didn't even take the time to read the chapter, after he told us that the first 10 pages of the chapter contained half of the test material? I always try to read each chapter before class. I promise it makes his lectures much easier to follow."
SRG, right before she nearly lost her life, replied, "Uh - Hello, I don't have time to read the chapter before class, I have a LIFE and a JOB."
Me, Eyes narrow, brows raise. Ecks and NG both looked at me, to see my reaction I'm sure. I turned to her and said, very clearly, so she would be sure to understand, "Yea, I get that. I have a job, 3 kids, a husband, a house to run, a 4.0 GPA, an A in Chemistry, and I've just trained for a marathon."

After that I excused myself and went upstairs to sit in class and re-READ my notes before the test, because I had given up some of the time in my LIFE to come and help these peole study. I would like to know is WHY spend time and money on college classes if you're not going to put the effort into them to do WELL??? Heckfireandshoot- she could at least have been gracious or appreciative that I was willing to tutor her where she had questions. Stupid people annoy me. Ungrateful people annoy me. Stupid ungrateful RUDE people piss me off.

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