Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bon Lessons Du Jour...

This week I was alone in the house with my dogs, my cat, and my birds.  I don't have pet birds, but a lovely little wren family lives in my garage, and they're sort of on my mind when ever I come and go.  Anyway, it was hard to adjust.  I learned a lot about myself, how I adjust to quiet, and to be honest, I don't think I could have done this for much longer.

One thing I learned this week I learned from my food diary.  Apparently I don't eat without my family.  Not that I'm blaming them for my eating habits, because I don't really eat poorly.  Just when they're not here, I don't eat much at all.  Today for example, by 7pm I realized I had taken in just less than 1000 calories.  All good, except that I ran 10 miles this morning.  Which (on me at least) burns just less than 1000 calories.  My lovely friend who shall remain nameless, (e'hem), dressed me down this week when I shared this information with her.  (I've since eaten a lovely dinner that included guacamole, ending my day much closer to 2000 calories, so don't call my mom and tell her I'm anorexic).

It's not that I'm trying to DIET, which I won't lie, I am trying to eat healthy and get back to race weight.  It's that without my family around, I just don't snack.  I don't eat empty calories.  I failed this week to eat 8 goldfish, 4 graham crackers, 2 orange freeze pops because no body likes orange, 1/2 a pre-licked OREO, 2 pieces of half eaten string cheese, 1/2 a PB&J sandwich, or worse - just the PB&J crust.  Reading that makes me cringe.  It's just wrong the strange things that were in my food diary 2 weeks ago, that were absent this week.  It was a good lesson.  I'm glad I was able to honestly see it.

I guess there's also the chance that I don't eat because I miss my family.  No worries, they're coming home tonight, and we'll be eating delicious calorie loaded cheese PIZZA for dinner I'm sure!

It's Sunday at Oh Dark Thirty, and I am OFF to volunteer at a Triathlon.  They were really short on volunteers, and since I was toying with the idea of going to watch SpeeDee race, I figured I may as well make myself useful!

So Good Luck SpeeDee!  You're going to do great, I just know it!


Anne said...

We do eat differently when we're alone :)
Have fun volunteering, sounds like a great thing to do!

MCM Mama said...

I'm the same way. I don't snack nearly as much when the boys aren't around.


wow, your friend is super intelligent. and probably really good looking too. just saying.

RunHapi13 said...

That must have been T, you know, since she says it like it is...and I LOVE that!