Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sick Kids

Of course, what would summer vacation be without a sick kid?

  • I went for a run, felt like vomiting half the run, but finished without incident - all 10 miles.  Wow.

  • I got a panicked phone call from my Dad that my son is sick and "when can I get here?"  So I called my pediatrician to let her know he was sick, and that I was going to miss office hours because of the tiny detail where I had to drive all the way to P'town (2 hours away) to pick him up.  "oh.  huh.  Well, because it's your son, why don't I just make a house call".  crickets chirping."  wow.  "thanks."

  • I arrived to pick up my sickie, G, and discovered him running around like a mad man.  "motrin"  OoooK.  Wow.  Oh and, there's the little detail that his ear was draining.  Nothing quite like it.  Thank God for those Tubes, because it's a sure sign he would have had another rupture, and frankly, I can't handle a deaf kid or another rupture.

  • We drive home and I called the state hotline for the road I was planning to use (Incase the Garmin traffic thingy wasn't behaving... yea, it was... I just didn't believe it).  "5 incidents along (that road)."  So we took route 10, up through Smithfield and Surry VA.  Wow.  I wished for a camera and a pair of running shoes.  I could have taken a photo essay that made everyone who reads my blog very thankful for their lifestyles and amazed you all with the quaintness of the country side... AND shown off the hilarious signs.  But I'll save that for another day.

  • Arriving home to discover the Cable TV was out, was just the icing on the cake.  I mean, I have a sick kid who needs to lay still for 20 minutes with drops in his ears, so, no TV is perfect.

Well - it's 5:52am and I'm off to my MTT long run!  I'm running PINK FOR A DAY!  Because, well, Jackie P says he's struggling & needs "help", and if I can do something to help another runner, then I'm going to do it.  Selfishly, it's because Jackie P is HILARIOUS, even when he's not trying.  See you all on Monday!


kat said...

Nothing but respect for mums and all you have to do, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Anne said...

Hope he's all better quick!
Have fun on your fun :)

宜欣宜欣 said...

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