Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  It was another dissection last night in class.  We started on the Cardiovascular System.  Wow.  I know a lot less than I think I know.  BUT let's not talk about ME.  Let's just mention that Huh & Wha actually behaved... well, alright, no they didn't...  They were in usual form, loud and obnoxious - until Huh's phone went off playing some kind of gangsta rap ring tone.  Guess what?  Dr. Tanner's sense of humor does NOT extend to phone's interrupting her lecture.  After that, they calmed WAY down.

2.  I just found out that my cousin-in-law just finished her first Half Marathon!  Yeah for another crazy runner in the family!  Oh, well, I guess we don't know if she's crazy yet, do we?  I'm sure time will tell!

Congratulations to Kimmie!  (no that's not really her name, but we know I have to give everyone a bloggy name here at nofsahm.)

3.  In yet another example of randomness... you'd think after 13 years of marriage I'd know my spouse better.  Last night I learned something shocking.  My H would rather wash the dinner dishes by hand... than unload the clean dishes from dishwasher.

Don't forget to sign up for my Virtual Half & Half race!  Details are here.  And the race runs from Thursday - Sunday, giving those people who are traveling on the weekends an EXTRA DAY to get their run in!  OF course, right now the field is really small... and I'm sure some people hope it stays that way!



funny. we are once again married to the same man. J has been know to do the same thing.

Pam said...

I WISH my hubby would do something that insane. Mine just leaves his dirty dishes in the sink so I can put them in there for him when I empty the dishwasher.


RunHapi13 said...

Um, I too would rather wash but only because I typically always wash because I can't stand the thought of dirty dishes sitting in the dishwasher waiting to be washed.