Friday, July 23, 2010

Stupid People en Mass.

I'm not bright.  I can prove it.  What would make me say that?  Well, last night I went and did Hill Repeats with the MTT group at 6:30pm.  Had an awesome time.  Met some cool people... they all had names, I just didn't retain any of them...  the people were the only cool part of the run.

So here's a recap:
1 mile warm up at a 9:26
7 hell repeats @ the fastest pace I could drag myself up the hill without dying or vomiting
1 scary moment at the top of the 6th repeat where I thought I was going to hurl
3/4 mile cool down at a 10:39
3.89 miles run
46:07 minutes used
602 miles for the year

and the last number, well, I took a photo so you could fully appreciate my Hell experience.
The good news is that I was not the only idiot who thought a run in 96 degree heat was a plan.  There were at least 25 other people there to run with.... yea, they're my kind of crazy.


Anne said...

You go crazy lady :) :)

P said...

Lol, "hell repeats." My thoughts exactly! Well done!
I like your pretty new background, btw.

Robyn said...

Sounds intense! I hate that feeling of, OMG I'm going to puke, please don't let me puke.

MCM Mama said...

Glad you had company in your craziness. ;o) said...

loving the new lay out! so pretty!

Pam said...

To date, my 4-mile personal best was set on National Running Day, when my car's thermometer read 100.


It was like a pissing contest between me and Mother Nature that day, each trying to outdo the other. I won. haha Bitch.