Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three, uh FOUR Things Thursday

1)  I think that the bike/tri/multisport association in our area should become friends with the road runners association in our area and arrange for Volunteers through the opposite associations.  It only makes sense, I like to run the RRRC races, so I never want to volunteer (except when I was hurt, and then they didn't even want me!).

2)  I'm the kind of person who discovers that a bird has build a nest in my garage, and then props the garage doors open for a few weeks so the 4 little eggs can hatch into 4 little chirping babies, and fledge into little birds.  Even though it's not convenient for me.  ~sniff~  Our baby birds fledged this week, and I'm proud of them.  They were wrens, and so darned cute.  I daresay, I might miss them.

3)  I'm. Not. A. Hugger.  I'm trying though, I really am.  There are times when a hug is what you need to give or receive and I am going to master this technique.  Really.  But for now, if it seems like I give the one armed knuckle bump in place of the hug, don't be offended.  It's a slow process.  That said, I hugged a woman friend this week.  It... ok.  I did alright.  I think I even held back on the cringe.  It's not my fault, I was overly hugged in my young life by my father's woman friend.  I just think that I used up a large quota of hugs in that time, and now it seems almost too intimate.  Yea, I'm the woman who will talk about my "international wax", but won't hug because it seems to personal.  Ah well.

4)  The last class night of Summer semester was last night.  (YEAH!  and there was much rejoicing).  And we had to give an oral presentation (with a power point slide show) on the reproductive system (cringe).  The prof assigned us all different aspects of the reproductive system to talk about.  I was lucky - I had infertility caused by diseases.

Huh & Wha were no exception to this assignment, and I admit, I was a little anxious to see what they would produce.  Wha actually came through with a cute little presentation on Male Puberty and Menopause, giggling at just the right place to break the tension.  I would give her an A believe it or not.  Huh, however, was not exactly as prepared.  Instead of... you know, why don't I just give you a "race report"...

Huh stands up and says, "Miz Tanna, I'm gonna jus do this from my desk, OK?  Ok.  I did my report on (suchandsuch) but I didn' do none of them fancy schmancy stuff (I believe she's referring to the power point presentation)."  She then proceeds to speak for about 3 minutes.  At the conclusion of her, uh, presentation, she says (and this is a direct quote, I wrote it down RIGHT when she said it so I wouldn't forget quote of the semester),

"It would have been bettah Miz Tannah, but I wuz under the influence when I did it." 

Going to miss that girl...


busyrunningmama said...

The Huh story....hilarious!!!
The hugging matter is funny because I would be the huggy friend that would try to hug you and you would cringe! I even listed being "huggy" as one of the things about me in my 100th post funny!! I was always hugged when I was little too but I guess I liked it! Never enough hugs in my house!!!

S Club Mama said...

what are you going to school for? I don't think I realized that. Cool.

And I like to hug. But if we ever meet, I'll remember you don't. :D

Rene' said...

So with you on the hugging. I find it very stressful.
Love your story. I remember a project like that when I was in nursing school. I think that I had the menopause portion of the show:) Happy Thursday!

MCM Mama said...

I used to be a major hugger and constantly touching people. Then I had Jones and he pretty much wants to be hugged constantly. Now I'm totally "touched out" and never want a hug.

LMAO at Huh! Way to make class interesting!

Anne said...

I've never heard of a running organization turning down the injured as volunteers. That's crazy! That's the majority of volunteers in all of our races!!

And I learned to be a hugger too. It really helps w/ kids.