Monday, July 12, 2010

Virtual "Half & Half" RUN!

"Half & Half Virtual Half Race!"

Welcome to the kick off of the inaugural Half & Half Summer Event!  Thanks for all the entries.  I'm excited to have been able to "meet" some new bloggers!  Race packet pick up... just kidding.  So seriously though, a few words before we run.

Keep in mind that I'm a neurotic mother, I need to do a little mothering here:

1)  if you're going out before the sun goes up, wear something reflective. And if you're going out after the sun goes up, consider some sun screen!  

2)  Be safe in the heat.  Drink Drink Drink!!!  H2O, some kind of "Ade", Nuun, or something!

3)  Have FUN!  Remember, this is a race.  We're out here to win at all costs.... oops, channeled someone else's mother there for a minute.  But seriously, find a buddy and make this fun & safe!  

4)  You have from Thursday July 15 - Sunday July 18 to complete your race, and then until Monday July 19 to submit your results or e-mail me a link to your race report.


5K  (or, Half a 10K, if you will):

S Club Mama (Randi) from
Mr. S Club Mama
Anne of Asthma & The Gift of Running (training for a Marathon!  Yeah!)
Katie Mc. from PA
Pam from Thirty Schmirty.  (  

Half Marathon: 
Other "HALF" Distances:

Running a Half of a 20K... Kathleen L

IF you're missing from the list, just let me know.  I think I got everyone, but just incase I missed a comment or e-mail, or connected the wrong alias to the wrong blog - again, just LET ME KNOW!  First time race director over here, still learning the ropes!  Also, if you want in at the last minute, go ahead and e-mail me at nmomof3(at)gmail(dot)com.  Will accept registration through Wednesday at midnight EST!


The Prizes are...NOT all running related.  I finally decided that  Half & Half race deserved a coffee tribute.  While I prefer Dunkin Donuts, I recognize that D&D is not a national epidemic, where Starbucks is bordering on religion.  Also, I realize that Starbucks has coffee, and tea, and even one of my favorite beverages, H2O, so I determined that it was universally acceptable.  If you win, and you don't have a Starbucks near you, let me know and we'll sub in an alternate prize.

1st Place for the 5K:  $5 Starbucks Card.  

1st Place for the Half Marathon:  $13.10 Starbucks Card.

The Prize for the PERSON WHO OVERCAME THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE:   Gu.  Yes, Gu.  I love the flavor of Gu, yet cannot consume due to icky stomach issues.  I figure that if I was racing to win, my "biggest obstacle" would be eating a Gu at mile 7 and still finishing the race without, uh, "icky stomach issues".  So, in honor of MY biggest obstacle, I will send you Gu!

Happy Running to ALL!  Good luck!


Robyn said...

Is it too late to sign up??

Sarah said...

Cute idea for the half prize! :-)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Oh no!! I might switch just to get the $13.10 Starbucks, YUMMERS!!


S Club Mama said...

Mr. S Club Mama LOL I'll have to show him this - that's hilarious! This is great motivation for me to get out there this week - I've been kind of tired and after my 9 miler on Saturday my knee has been acting up. :S push through the pain right? LOL jk it's not in "pain" right now.

Julie said...

Good luck, everyone!! can't wait!

suzy said...

I love these virtual races! Good luck everyone! :)

labriek said...

Did my 1/2 of a 20k today :) Took some pictures because I live in a very pretty place. I will be sending you the info in a bit! Thanks for organizing, got me motivated to get out there!!

Cynthia O'H said...

I'm in for the 10K- running it tomorrow:)

Cynthia O'H said...

Scratch that - I'll run the 5K, then finish with a 5K training run:)

~Andrea~ said...

I'm joining in. Going to do the half in the morning. Training group is doing 12 so I'll add on the additional 1.1 so I can join in on the fun. I can't wait.