Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art History

My family is a family of artists.  My mother is a painter, my sister is a ballerina, my brother is a poet, even my fathers wife is an artist (and quite well known for that matter).  So, imagine my surprise when...

the art gene passed me over.  completely.

That said, I'm taking DRAWING I this semester to fill the fine art requirement for my program.  I'm half way excited about it too, not because I think I have some hidden art talent, but FINALLY when my Mother or Step Mother talk to me about balance and negative space I won't have to say "uh huh" like I know what's what.  I will actually KNOW what she's talking about.

OF course, it's a new semester.... and our favorite hobby in my house is naming my fellow students.  And THIS semester will be no different, as I have a RED HEAD in my class.  Not THE redhead.  This girl is probably smart, but the jury is still out.

Her head is shaved except for the 18 inches of long FIRE ENGINE red hair pony tailed on the top.  She wears all black, short shorts, high punk heels...and she has great legs, and even with all that, I was prepared to like her.  She's pretty and young, and I wondered if she might be a little like my sister.  Very art minded and forward.

about. that.

Instead of calling this Red Head SRG, we're going to have to name her ARG.  Angry Red Head.  She's angry at the world, angry that this Drawing I class is so boring, and she's angry that she has to be in the room with all us.  She makes rude comments about how slow the class is moving.  I get it, ARG, you can draw better than the other students. 

By the way, it's Drawing I....  I'm not the only "dead beginner" in the class.

I'm hopeful that ARG will be challenged at some point, or at least learn that honing the basic skills is what makes a real artist different from a "person who draws" and will keep her mouth SHUT next class. But then again, ... if she did that, who would I blog about?


busyrunningmama said...

So funny....can't wait to hear more stories of ARG this semester....adds laughter to my day!!

Chele said...

I've never seen her hair and I envy it. And you aren't THAT artistically challenged. Remember all those clay horsehead things we made in highschool?

kat said...

Great post, you are a artist, a great writer who draws great pictures, I saw ARG like she was sitting next to me, looking forward to reading more about your art class adventures.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

And if she does that, will you have to rename her?