Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday Silliness

Sundays run through Richmond was awesome.  AWE.SOME.

First off, THANK YOU WEATHER GODDESS!!!  Secondly, I started out nice and slow.  Any hoo- we went through the Pope Arch, past the stadium, down a very long hill  past the Federal Reserve Building, by the river, around the financial district, up the loooooongest hill I've ever run up, through the fan... really, a 13 mile run covers a lot of ground.

I even ~gasp~ took a cliff shot at the last SAG!  The SAG crew were really encouraging about trying it at mile almost 11.  Truly, they were right.  That would be the perfect time to find out if it was going to bother you.  Sure, I didn't get the full benefit from it because the run ended at mile 13, but what a great test because...I didn't get sick or ANYTHING!  Yeah ME!

I ran around a 10:10 pace for a lot of the run, and we really kicked it into gear for the last 2 miles, finishing w/ a 9:59 average.  DeNiece and I raced the last stretch in and finished laughing and gasping.

When I caught my breath, the first thing that escaped from my lips was, "THAT WAS FUN!"  I love that feeling, I really do.  A FUN 13 miles.  Were there times I was tired?  Sure, there really were, but you know what I will remember from that run?  The last 2 miles of speed and laughter.

It put me in a great frame of mind to study for my final exam.

I'm sure I'll have some more silliness to share by the end of the exam.  It's ORAL.  Set in the form of a GAME SHOW.  With Teams.  Um.  Oh. KAY.  We're just going to go with it.  It's supposedly open notes, not open book, so I've been outlining the chapters.  I figure, it can't hurt to be a little over prepared, even though by my calculations I could get about a 60% on the test and get an A in the class.


Anne said...

That sounds like such an amazing run! How lucky you are :)

Good luck on the you need it ;)

凱許倫 said...
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kat said...

Thats awesome, sounds like it was a hell of a lot of fun,I hope I too can find running 13 miles fun one day, it's yet to happen!