Sunday, August 1, 2010

car ride ponderings

On the ride home yesterday from my Brother's going away party... (he's been deployed. to. Iraq. but I'm not ready to talk about it yet) / nephew's birthday Party, I started thinking about things.  I just let my mind wander, over hill and dale, until I settled on one thought. If I went back in time 20 years and told my teenage self that she would grow up to be a distance runner (albeit a recreational one) who thought nothing of running 10 miles on Saturday and then 13 on Sunday, she would tell me to Talk To The Hand, or some other equally weird statement that meant, "You must be insane".

Who would have thought, right?  I guess, it's just goes to show that I'm always going to surprise myself, and who knows what I'll be doing in twenty years.

Of course, the other thing I never thought I'd say at the age of 34 is: "I chaffed my belly button yesterday on my 10 mile run."

Yea, who knew?


Anne said...

Indeed! I lived in Switzerland for four years, I have a PhD in clinical psychology and now I'm training to run a marathon! All things I never would have guessed if you had asked me at age 20 what my future held :) :)

As for the thing you're not ready to talk about yet...hugs ((()))

MCM Mama said...

I'm the same way about running. Never expected that.

Never expected to do the mom thing and certainly not the stay at home mom thing. Life certainly does contain surprises.

Long distance, no actual touching ;o) hugs about that other thing.

Jen said...

I chaffed mine too. What was your excuse? Mine was that I have lost so much weight in the last month, that my FAVORITE shorts are too big. I did not know while I ran... just when I hopped in the shower after the 14 miler and I screamed. Water really hurt it.