Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pity Party OVER

Please do not take this the wrong way....  But the time for pity party has ended and it's time to pack up and go.

I'll wash and return all the dishes early next week.  Don't worry about helping to clean up, I'm good.  If your keys are in the "bowl" because you've had too much fun and cannot drive, please call a cab.

This party has ended.  It's a new day.  And starting now, we're going clean and sober.

well.... clean and mostly sober, I have new hobbies to consider here.

Last night I was WHINING to a friend and I got a verbal slap across my face.

Not the "awe, it's all good" I was expecting.

No, she said, "No.  I do not accept that statement.  That's an excuse.  You are a marathoner.  You CAN do whatever you WANT to do and DO IT WELL, so don't give me the I can't EXCUSE."

Damn.  That stung.

But Yeah, I needed that wake up.

So starting today, it's a new day.  The recovery training plan is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".  I assure you, NO WHERE on that training plan will it say, "WHINE about your missing RUN."


Katie said...

Good for you! Although I did not mind reading your whining on the blog . . . I understand how it can be. But, what an awesome friend you have to give you a "slap across the face." Let the recovery plan begin!

BTW- Did you get the scan? Any results yet?

Jen said...

Sometimes it is all about your attitude!

Jen said...

Sometimes it is all about your attitude!

MCM Mama said...

Good attitude!

I can help you out with your new "hobby". *ahem*Come visit-I'll take you to Mad Fox brewery for lunch.*ahem*

Pam said...

It takes a good friend to put it to you like that! Good for her! And good for YOU!