Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Run

I am musing off of someone else's blog today...  Forgive me friend, for my thieving ...  

Recently, I read something that haunted me for days... 
it was not intended to haunt, but never the less, it did:  

"If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was..."  PoQ  

When I got up Monday, I really didn't know what the day was going to hold as far as "a run" was concerned.  I had jogged out a mile after Sunday's ride, so I knew there was a chance I would have to skip the Monday run, depending on how the fankle was acting.  Adding to the pain question was that The Witch Dr and I had worked Fankle over pretty hard before the cycle outing (that's why it's important to travel with your own Witch Dr, people), and I knew it might be sore.

I hit the pool at 5something in the morning for a GBA swim...  and while I don't know that I looked EPIC in the pool,  I can tell you that I FELT galactic for the entire mile.  My fastest swim mile to date, <28min.

Afterward the fankle felt loose and light.

So once I dropped B'nut off at Preschool, I blew off all my obligations for the morning and went for a "jog".   (Mel, I'm not sure, but I think it's a soft "j")

There are Hot Doc rules.  HD says I can run.  HD says that there are Pace Rules.  Milage Rules.  Ice Rules.  Rules.  Some Rules that make. no. sense.

But I try to respect the nature of the Rules, even if I'm not going to exactly follow them.

When I jogged out to the end of my driveway, I pulled my sleeve over my watch, and decided to just. run. easy.

I was lightly running, with a strong core.  (been doing random "drills" for a few days now, and already can feel the difference in my running posture).  I ran easy, around the long loop of my 'hood, over a bridge, under a tunnel, alongside a lake inhabited by geese, and back to my house.  3 miles, in close to 30 minutes.  Normally, I would run this route ~a bit~ faster.

I initially thought I would resent the forced pace.

But those rules made me do something I might not normally do.

I listened to my breath.
I tasted the morning.
I smelled the sunshine.
I felt my soles.
I filled my soul with the run I have been craving.

And I made sure that I savored this run ~ in honor of the injured many, and out of respect for my run.

Today I either cross or rest, and that's going to be fine.  My run is waiting for me on Wednesday, and waiting until then will make me appreciate it that much more.

My run has come back to me.

~Savor the run.


kat said...

Praise the Lord, very happy for you, yaaaah.

bobbi said...

Just had to say...

LOVE this post!

Julie said...

Hooray!! First for the swim, speedy!
and now a big HOORAY for a great run :-)

Sounds like it was just fantastic! I love runs like that!

Jen said...

This is awesome.... love the post.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I am glad you were able to get back into savoring your runs. I think we all take the ability to run for granted. (your post helps me put my own desire of more running in perspective. I know I need to be taking it easy after my race with another one just days away OR I will end up not able to run at all!)

What an amazing run it must have been!

Enjoy whatever you chose to do today.

Allison said...

So exciting - I'm glad your run is back! :)

Anonymous said...