Thursday, March 10, 2011



On Sunday, I was swimming at the community center with my 70something year old speedo wearing companions when it happened.

My sensible black Speedo, which has been fighting the good fight with the Twins for a while now, lost a key battle.

Not really a big deal, until you go back to the first line of this where I mention the 70something year old swimming companions.  I don't actually know them, they're just the same 3 guys who are in the pool when I get there every week.  And the one guy I like to call 76 year old Speedo guy always gets out and "hangs out" flirting with the 60something year old lifeguard while I finish my swim.  He does it every week.  It's, ah, quite a view from the pool, I'll say that.  I mentioned the Speedo right?

So as I was finishing a kind of hard set, the front of my suit scooped some water or something, and when I stood up to grab a drink, the suit... didn't stand up with me.  Yea, I'm pretty sure I totally flashed 76 year old Speedo guy.

I can't be sure how much he saw, but there were some signs that he saw something.

His eyes got pretty huge, and he blinked.  Hard.  Twice.

It was dicey there for a moment.

I thought there was a chance the Life Guard was going to have to perform some kind of CPR or something.

In the mean time... I just started the next set, I mean, there was no need to worry about it, he seemed to be in good hands.


Carmen said...

I'm starting my tri swim training next week and need a new suit...but I'm the president of the itty bitty committee so the oldies in the pool with only be saying, "Why is that boy wearing a girl's swimsuit?"

Jen said...

ROFL.... Love it... and yea, you so made his day... and I bet that lifeguard was jealous!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

How funny. I bet the lifeguard was a bit jealous, you stole his attention away.

Pam said...

Yeah, don't sweat it. He probably hasn't seen twins like that in 40+ years. I'm sure you made his day.

Deb said...

Funny! I think swimsuit mishaps are commonplace if you go enough. I've had a few swimsuits disintegrate from the chlorine. I still remember the first time I realized my swimsuit had become transparent. I noticed after I finished swimming...

I now check it every time.

kat said...

Very funny, bet you made his day.

MCM Mama said...

I bet that's the best thing to happen to him in a long time. ;o)

Anonymous said...

you totally made that dudes life!