Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I tried out my planned Tri-outfit yesterday.

See.  The plan was solid.

Go to the gym, swim in the outfit, hop out, towel off, head to spin class with SpeeDee.

The thing is:  Life is in the Details.

Details like...
black two piece sport bathing suit
borrowed black tri shorts that are a little see through
borrowed Happy Birthday shirt... white... size XS.

Details like...
I'm so NOT a size XS.  More of a "could wear a small if my assets didn't demand a medium or large" kind of girl.


Put this outfit together and it's pretty cute, right?  I was pleasantly surprised to be honest with you.  Yeah.  Feeling good.  Feeling Boss.  Wicked even...

Hopped in the pool.  Swam a perfect 300m time trial.  Had 9 seconds to spare (it's a pool swim, seed time accuracy v/ important).  Swam another 500m to round it out.

Hop out of pool.  Notice the guy taking his swim lesson does a double take so I pulled the shirt down a little, incase it had ridden up, and walked into the locker room, dry off, go into gym to do PT while I wait for SpeeDee.

I had to walk through the weight room to get to the spot tucked in the corner where I like to do my PT.

Me = More than a little damp
Weight room = air conditioned.
Occupants = 100% male.
White Technical Shirt = Transparent
High Beams = ON.

Damn, I left my headlights on...


I will say this.  Spin class was WICKED yesterday.  Got so high about 30 minutes into class that I started to giggle... seriously.  I'm sorry to the serious people working out in that class.  I didn't mean anything by it... I was just high.  And, since we're all about the details here, headlights on ALL through spin class too....  nearly obscene.  nearly.


MCM Mama said...

LMAO!!! Thank you for that lovely start to my day. ;o)

RunHapi13 said...

FYI - the outfit = you fit and hot!
Your butt looks great in my shorts.
AND, between you and me...I was concerned we might blind a few folks b/t high beams + mirrors.
Loved the giggly-high as I too could not stop smiling.

fancy nancy said...

Lol!!! This cracked me up! Sorry to laugh at your expense but seriously funny!

bobbi said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the morning giggle :)

Jen said...

ROFL... why don't you post a pic of that? I was reading this in the locker room after my swim... and literally LOL!

I love you, G!

momof3 said...

In response to the request for a photo...i'm not sure the readership is ready for a photo of my headlights just yet...

Meredith said...

Love it!! Laughing so much my kids are wondering what's wrong with me!

Linked an old post of yours today on my blog about headlights... just in case you're wondering who the sicko is that searched for "headlights" on your blog. :)

Anonymous said...


jamie@sweatyhugs said...

LOL! Great post! Been there with both the "spin high" and high beams. Thanks for the laugh.