Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adrenaline RULES!

I made it out to Team Adrenaline again yesterday.  I’m sorry, I don’t even know how to say it any more than 
~ it’s a freaking good high ~. 

My BFF Paulie, who is still just as cute as ever, totally kicked my amply proportioned a**. 

Paulie concocted a brutal torture session, with 16 child sized orange cones and some preprinted lines in a parking lot…  He is sadistic. 
~ I mean that in the nicest way.  Said with love ~ 

We were all pretty much wasted.  Legs shaking and head spinning, I briefly considered laying down in the dirt and taking a nap.

Or passing out.


One would think that given that as my condition, the class was over, right?

No.  Seriously.  No. 


“Now that you’re tired, it’s time to run.”  Of course it’s time to run!  What else would we DO?  I mean, REALLY.  Given the choice between laying down in the dirt and running I choose laying down in the dirt running.

Actually – the truth is, the running is my favorite part.  But don’t tell anyone that, they might hate me.  

I suck at Adrenaline.  

I don’t mean that to be down on myself.  I’m just weak.  How am I going to get stronger?  Well, working through the suckage – of course.  I’m not brilliant at running, but I at least know where I STAND with that.  I know how to run hard.  It’s not pretty, but I CAN do it. 

We did 3X 1 minute hard, with 2 minute recovery between each ‘hard effort’.  It was made clear to us.  Bring it for the 1 minute. 

Ok.  I don’t know what I ran it in.  I know it was 6’s, based on the 6:14 I saw on my garmin now and again.  I couldn’t look at the garmin, and it wasn’t ON, it was just on my wrist.  Kinda wish I’d worn my HR monitor....  I think I will wear it to Adrenaline from now on.

After the second repeat I felt more than a little peaked… and by the conclusion of the third one I was glad I had skipped breakfast.

After class BFF Paulie spent a few minutes showing me & my GBA guests how to run better, with more efficiency.  I will dedicate an entire 2000 word post to his words - I promise.  I need photos first though...   Seriously though - he. freaking. rocks.  but you may have gathered that from my worshipfulness in my last Adrenaline Post?

So afterwards I was chatting with a friend of mine who does Adrenaline and I said, “Sorry you couldn’t make it… class was EPIC today.”

The response:

“Class is always epic.  2nd rule of Adrenaline.”

And I’m thinking, this is a person who knows the GBA rules.  

Rules like, “don’t get run over” and “Don’t drown” usually rank AFTER rules that are more, um, vanity based like, “don’t forget to shave”….  We have some good rules here at GBA, what can I say?

So.  If the second rule is “Adrenaline is always EPIC”, what is the first rule of Adrenaline?

I racked my brain for a few minutes…

First rule ~ never say, “I can’t do it.”  Nah, that seems too vanilla.

First rule ~ “try not to suck”.  Nah, that seems a bit snotty.

First rule ~ “no whining”.  Nah, that seems too canned.

First rule ~ “no crying”, nah, that seems entirely unrealistic.

First rule ~ try not to be distracted by Paulie’s rippling muscles.  Yeah, well that’s probably MY number one rule.  It’s tough though… very...  Huh?  What were we talking about?  Oh, distracted by BFF Paulie's legs... abs... so.... ~ right.  focus ~  Nah, that seems a bit of a Gender Specific rule.

and before you all think it’s just me, Kc agrees....

So I asked, WHAT is RULE #1 at ADRENALINE?

“Duh, I would think that would be obvious… If you have to vom, move away from the group.”


Makes perfect sense.

It’s like that.

So for the record - 
GBA Adrenaline rule #1 ~ move away to vom.  
rule #2 ~ always epic.


Julie D. said...

Love it! wish we had 'adrenaline' here. Our 'class' that sounds like yours is actually closing on saturday. Sob, sob. Seriously, there have been tears and yes, we have moved away to vomit. My husband actually has his own 'spot'. :)

MCM Mama said...

That rule #1 sounds like a pretty good rule for life, not just class LOL! Wish I lived closer to you guys...