Saturday, March 9, 2013

14 days till tomorrow... yeah...

It's been 3 weeks since I last ran. It's been 2 weeks since I first got sick.

And I am going to run. again. one day.

Of course, right now, that day seems far far way.

It's spring break for nursing school, thank f*ck, because yesterday I was diagnosed with pneumonia. #epic. I'm going to need this week to get better. So it was good, albeit miserable, timing. I was looking forward to a fun week.

I'm now on antibiotics, stuck in bed a lot, & I'm going to get better.

Another good thing is I have some seriously amazing people in my life who steal my children, walk my dog and bring me food. and coffee. Oh, and clean my house and fold my laundry.

I was kinda lazy today.
And I have big plans for tomorrow. They include sleeping late, not caring about the time change, and taking a few naps.

Oh, and on the next bright side, I had plenty of free time to reflect on how my fankle feels (good) and to make a triathlon training plan for a June Olympic and Sept Half, oh, and accommodates a century bike ride in Aug. Cos nothing like being bed ridden and making a training plan that spans 16 weeks or so.

That either makes me a bada** or Cray Cray.
Let's not look too closely here.


Michelle said...

Good lordy have been through the RINGER! Thankful it is spring break for you.

Running for Oreos said...

Glad you are getting better, and have a week to rest up! I'm on spring break too from nursing school!! Thank goodness!!! I needed a break!!

Get better, rest up! And you may be a little cray cray, but hey, we all are a little cray cray! That's what makes us freaking amazing!