Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cross Training Plan

I'm looking ahead at my work out schedule.

I can not wait. I can almost taste the run. The excitement bubbles in me. Under the calm surface it pops and sizzles like the carbonation of tart citrus soda. Of course, I'm not completely naive. I know it's not going to be the same for a long time. For a few weeks at least it will be flat soda, with an unpleasant taste and a definite lack of excitement.

A coach I ran into at Shamrock Half Marathon After Party told me he guessed I'd probably only lost 10-15% of my fitness, and that I'd be better off coming back than a person starting from scratch. There's some disbelief on my part there, but he is kinda "the sh*t" so I suppose I should listen to him.

My plan for today went like this:

Vacuum Living room (pretty sure that counts as a cardio warm up after pneumonia)
Side lying leg lifts 3 sets X 20 each leg
Hip Bridge Thingy (it involves a yoga ball, and holding a position) 1 @ 20 sec, 1 @ 30 sec, 1 @ 1 min
Ball Lifts 1 set X 20 each leg
Superman's 1 @ 20 sec, 1 @ 30 sec, 1 @ 1 min
Flutter kicks 2 @ 1 min

and here's why I'm cross... Plank Maximum Rep....

30 seconds front.
30 seconds left.
30 seconds right.

1:30? Seriously? with all this fecking coughing I should be so fit!

But I'm not, because all the fecking coughing strained muscles left and right, and lying around in bed for a week or more (or 3) doesn't make people strong, no matter how much coughing they do.

So, it's Back to daily Planks for GBA GF.

I'm hopeful that in a few weeks I'll have a set of lungs that allow me to run, ride and swim. If I decide to do half of what's on my revised 2013 schedule, I'm going to have to have a solid core & strong hips to help me do those things in good form.


bobbi said...

You will be back, and stronger than ever :)

Marnee A said...

You are a rockstar, I bet you vacuumed that living room like no other you bad a$$ you!!!