Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tri-Wife & Tantrum

My TRI-wife, DeNiece and I started out running "together" a few years ago.  We couldn't really be running wives though.  She was *married* to Ocean, and I was *married* to TMB of Racing with Babes.

But now and again, when our wives were busy, or training for other things, DeNiece and I would run together.  

And now and again, on those runs, DeNiece would talk about the two of us one day doing a Half Iron Distance Triathlon together.

I scoffed.
I'm never going to do that with you... You have lost your fecking mind. 

Not sure what went down after that, but there is great debate as to HOW we went from scoffing and joking about it to planning our September '12 TRIAdventure.

And what was fun about this is, without a tremendous amount of formal training, we ventured out and taught ourselves to be TRIATHLETES

Or maybe we were TriLAUGHelites.

Because who needs an ab workout when you spend your summer laughing at yourselves?

And laughing at your wife. (said with love DeNiece, said with love)

So I didn't realize until recently that we were not the only ones laughing at us - er, with us. I was having a conversation the other day with The Good Dr and he joked about my predictable mid-ride temper tantrum.

What! You knew about that?
Um. Yeah. You know, I think everyone knew about that.

on any given ride, ever, I always had a TEMPER TANTRUM that went something like this...  

me  "How far have we ridden? I forgot to start my watch."

DeNeice:  "28" "36" "52"

"28??? (36!)(52!)  Seriously???  That's it???  Gah!  I fecking HATE this.  I HATE THIS SPORT.  WHY AM I DOING A SPORT THAT I FECKING HATE?!"

"Gba gf... Did you eat anything in the last hour?"


"Here, eat this."

(elevator muzak for 7-10 minutes)
"This is a really pretty ride. I think I could get used to cycling."

You know what I think is really extraordinary? It's not that we're considering another 70+ mile adventure. Or looking ahead at training over the hot summer months.

It's that even knowing that there are likely 20 weeks of Temper Tantrums between Now and Race Day... she still is willing to do this with me again.


Pam said...

Now that's love. :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I want to be your wife of something too. Damn.