Tuesday, March 26, 2013

W.W.B.S. 2013

My Nutritionist, Brooke, was epic.

Gosh I miss her... I miss my hot body too.

Brooke was big on stressing that the key to weight loss was 80% diet. 20% fitness.

That's how you get a bada$$ figure.
You must eat like a bada$$ and run like a mother runner.
yes, this is a PEEP cupcake
...or is that eat like a mother runner and run like a bada$$?

Regardless, if you want to get slim, you have to eat well AND workout. Don't deny yourself anything, but keep track of everything and follow a few simple guidelines.

I'd gotten myself moving in the right direction this spring... and then what had happened wuz... prednisone. Lots of it.

So, I need to get back in my old habits again, and damn, it's hard to do that when you've been giving yourself permission to junk out all the time. It's not that I want to junk out, it's that I eat out of habit instead of for fuel. WWBS? she would tell me the pantry is not a safe zone.

And while we're talking about food habits, don't get fooled into thinking that meat free is healthy. Vegetables are meat free and healthy. Bread is meat free. See the difference?

hell, for that matter, Cake is meat free...
PEEPS are also meat free.
they aren't part of Brooke's nutrition plan for me though... I feel pretty sure I'm not making that up...

So, I am giving myself one more week to get back to daily food journaling. If I don't get that together, I'm calling in the big guns. Yep. Cos WWBS? She would say to call Brooke.


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

80/20?? No wonder I can't keep my body back! It's that all that 20 is making it hard to get that 80 where I need it to be. Ugh.

Michelle said...

Totally agree! I've been counting calories and food journaling for 2 weeks. Haven't lost a single pound. Blah! I can't keep "hidden" sugars out of my mouth! Grrr....


I mean, you and salad should just become friends. ;)

(wow, other people are going to think I'm a super bitch for that one. love you!)

gba_gf @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner said...

"said with love", right T?