Thursday, October 16, 2008

AND I know funny- I'm a clown fish!!!

I am as neurotic as a stand up comedian, only I'm not famous or rich.

This is crazy, but I'm obsessing on a new thing.  A few weeks ago I was told I was "funny".  It happens that sometimes I make observations, usually just off the cuff, that make people laugh.  Sometimes, when I'm "on", I know I'm "on" and I push all the buttons and get people crying laughing.  Usually at my expense, but that is generally pretty funny in itself.  So, back to my point.  "g., you're funny."  Pretty much, that was the statement.

Here's the obsession.  Whenever I'm around the people who were around when the "you're funny" statement was made, I am self-conscious about being funny.  Nothing is more un-funny than a person being worried about being funny.  I'm sorry, it's true.  So, now I'm this un-funny person around people who expect funny.  ARG!  I can't stand it.

This is truly how stand up comedians get as crazy as they get.  Ever met a stand up comedian who wasn't in (or didn't NEED) rehab?  No, and I'll tell you why...  This is serious stuff, even for me and I'm not a professional.  *so many things just came to mind there...  

Now I'm going to have to just wait for this awkwardness to pass over the next few days... weeks... months while my funny returns.  I guess I'll have to spend these days (weeks, etc) being a good listener so no one notices...

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