Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Normal Day

5:07am- my first alarm goes off, H gets her and puts her in bed with us.  This is not normal, but she's bloodied and bruised and I think she just bumped her nose on her sheets b/c she went right to sleep on my arm.
5:45am- G's fever is so high that he arrives in our room hallucinating about ticks all over his body.  We get him calmed down and back in bed.
6:20am - my alarm goes off.
6:25am- C's alarm goes off.
6:26am- snooze goes off.
6:45am- H rolls out of bed when he realizes that I am pinned neatly beneath B and have not chosen to dislodge her.  He's beginning to realize that he has to get C off to school.  I cannot.  Rule #1 from Friends- Never wake a sleeping Baby.
7:14am- the bus driving down our street wakes B.  (keep in mind she's slept through G, 3 alarms, 2 snoozes and a conversation w/ H about what to give C for lunch... but a bus in the street wakes her up.)
7:55am- Daily call to/from Ann, arrange walk time.  (walk is set for 10am)
8:00am-9:00am- coffee, breakfast, check blogs, change bandages, dispense motrin, check online bill pay, look at weather, 1 small tantrum over the merits of yogurt versus pudding for breakfast.
9:00 - 10:00am - laundry, change sheets where needed, straighten bathroom, check Fly Lady and see if there's anything on the daily list that I can accomplish- low and behold, there is, so I do it.  Dress 3 people & 2 dogs for a walk.  1 small tantrum over the benefits of wearing a jacket.
10:01am - undress the limping dog and apologize to her as I lock her in her crate.
10:02am - try to leave for the walk.
10:03am- return to house, again, give broken dog a cookie and get a package of saltines for sick child.
10:04am- return to house for 1 more blanket for sick child.
10:05am- 10:45am - walk Dog 1 and 2 kids.  Damn, the stroller is heavy.
11am- write a list for Costco and pick up the keys.
11:30am- finally depart for Costco after changing diaper, moving laundry and digging up costco card.
12:50pm - return from Costco, walk in the door to remember the ONE thing that wasn't on the list that we needed.
1:00pm- put B down for a nap and start a movie for G.
1:01pm- sit down to take a short break to read more of Twelfth Night and organize paper #15 (seriously, paper #15 is not an exaggeration, & we're 8 weeks into the semester).
1:05pm- break is over... H is on his way home to "work from home".  Carp.  I need to at least clean up the breakfast dishes...
1:10 - 2:20 - clean up, watch a few minutes of movie, check e-mail, reply to e-mail, find a new blog... uh oh, like I needed another new blog to follow.
2:20pm - bus is here
2:25pm - 5:00pm - wash hands, start on homework, have snack, get the B up from her nap, reapply bandages, check fever, dispense medication, H arrives around 3:30, take B and C out to play for 20 minutes, 1 small tantrum over gum.
5:20pm - dinner (chicken, salad, wheat rolls if anyone wondered what a normal meal is like around here...).  1 small tantrum over the need to have dinner on the table instantly... as if I also didn't wish I could just wave a wand.
6:00pm - clean up, wash the baby, review anything I need to review for class.
7 - 9pm - KARATE
9:30pm, arrive home, dessert, water, write 1st paper on Twelfth Night, outline 2nd paper and check e-mail... 

Before bed I like to reflect on the day.  Today my reflection was how "normal" it almost was.  No, it's not normal.  I didn't work today, so there was at least one person missing from my day.  I was supposed to have 2 extra babies and no sick kid today, but it is what it is in that regard.  It's not like you can will your child's fever to drop 4 degrees.  Wouldn't that be a trick...   "And now... you will be well... because I willed it so."  He's not going to school tomorrow either.  And, since I'm being honest with myself, he's not going on Friday either.  Tonight he was violently shivering and sweating when I left for class, balled up on the couch under 2 blankets.  Poor kid.  But you know what... I wished for a day where I didn't call the Dr., or the Dentist... and I didn't have to do either.  I wished for a 'normal' day with minimal tears, and I got that too.  Other than the "Covered in Tick" episode at 5:45, today was relatively "not strange".

Oh wait- how cute.  B is talking in her sleep in the monitor right now... OMG- she's asking for gum!!!  Figures.

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