Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The new Man in my life... Rory

Oh, Rory.  I love him.  He's sleek, black and sexy, and he makes the cutest little sound when he starts his day.  What more could a woman want in her iRobot?

I don't have time to post- I'm mad busy today reading F'ing King Lear (I LOVE LIT class, does it show?) and trying to cook and clean up the house a bit b/c it looks crazy, keep one eye on B and fit in my daily stuff.  Yea, so I just wanted to tell you all that Rory (our iRobot) is awesome!  Even H is coming around.  It vacuums and THEN it puts itself away!  If only there were more things in my life that did that... (put themselves away AND vacuum).  Everyone needs one of these.

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Anonymous said...

sounds intriguing! i can't wait to meet this new man of yours!!