Thursday, October 30, 2008

ack! ... ~gasp~

Air!  I need air!  Someone quick, pass me my oxogen tank...  ~gasp~

Sorry, I just... feel insane today or something.  Sick kid 2.0 (or is the is 3.0, wasn't B just sick.. yea so this makes 3).  My house is a mess, I have another paper to write on Lear - I did two yesterday and couldn't make myself stay up any later to write another quality paper...  in fact, one I did was NOT quality.  That's a *shame rally.  

*here's freudian, I almost wrote 'sham'.  

Dinner is not planned at all....  Tomorrow is Halloween and I'd like to have a nice fun day... which includes carving pumpkins as soon as the kids get off the bus because we haven't done a single one and we have FIVE to carve!  I love carving pumpkins normally, but this year I just haven't done anything with it.  arg!

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