Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Now that's blog worthy, and I didn't even have to strip

Tonight this is the conversation at our dinner table:

G, "What are we having?"

g., "Meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, and corn" (followed by a chorus of "Mmms")

C, "But Daddy doesn't eat corn".

H, "It's OK, Mommy made me green beans."

C, "Can I share your green beans?"

H, "Yes...."

G, "Daddy?  May I share your green beans too?"

H, "Yes..."

At which point H & I look at each other across the table.  Our children are eating potatoes, corn, green beans and meatloaf with happiness and joy, and the only moment of controversy was when they thought there wouldn't be enough second vegetables to go around.  ~sniff~  You make me proud kids....

H looks at me and says, "Now THAT is blog worthy."  So this post is on behalf of H, who wanted to brag to the world that his kids were fighting over steamed green beans, which were served w/o salt or butter.  

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