Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm easily irritated

I've concluded that today I'm easily irritated by things that other people think are absolutely fine.  This is probably a good thing, but that's a blog post for another day.  I just want people to act their age, to stop using the "I'm just a girl" excuse, and to drive like adults & not little chicky's who can't keep their car in their own lane.

I just LOVE when you're driving down, say... a three lane road like "Broad Street", and... It's OK to take up two lanes if there's no one beside you, right?  I swear, the bumper sticker on the car should have read, "I think women drivers are getting a bad name for no reason.", as she drives her toyota hatchback right down the center of 2 LEFT hand lanes.  Irksome.

My next irk on women giving women a bad name is pure childishness in the interest of acting "cute"...  for example, when you're reading an e-mail or web post on a group chat :) and every line is like, totally :) punctuated with a little ;) or :) or, even sometimes I see a :~).  YES, I know I HAVE used a little smiley face emoticon before, I have even punctuated a sentence with a little :).  BUT, do they need to  be at the end of every line?  Seriously?  Are we 4?  Are we 9?  A NINE year old would TOTALLY think that was great!  :)  No.  We are not 9.  Some of us are 3o x.  We certainly do not need to :) at the end of every line.  

Oh, look, it's like totally 4 o'clock.  I bet I'm like, really hungary.  I think I better go get a snack before I like totally pass out or something!  :)

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