Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Taking it literally

Last night at dinner B was eating her usual "sunday meal"... which is, whatever we are eating, minus the meat.  Now, I'm not withholding the meat, she just chooses not to eat meat at meals where we have other offerings like mashed butternut squash, sweet potato, and asparagus.  Why waste time on meat, when you could be eating all that.  The rule in our house isn't that you have to finish what's on your plate.  The rules are:  if you don't finish what's on your plate, don't ask for dessert; AND if you don't drink your milk, you may not be excused.
B "Stoooze peeze"
Mother (that's me), "B, you need to finish your milk".
B takes one sip of silk milk and sets her cup down, "Stoooze PEEZE."
Stupid Mother (that's me again), "B, all that milk needs to be in your tummy before you may be excused."
B pats her shirt, "tommy?" and then, in an instant, pours the milk down the front of her shirt.  "Stooze peeze?"

Weeeeell.... No.  That's not EXACTLY what I was suggesting, but it is EXACTLY what I said.  I guess that's what I get for talking to a two year old like she's a three year old.

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TMB said...

love it ... that's happened here too!