Sunday, January 25, 2009

Plain Old Fun!

Today was just a day for it!  Inexpensive old fashioned fun!  H and I were talking and we decided that in our new recession lifestyle (he works for a company who may or may not be about to layoff big time, so we're just being cautious) we're going to go back to good old cheap fun.  We talked about it and decided that this is where Game Night came about... people of course in the 60's just left their kids in their houses and went to their neighbors houses, but we're not really going to do THAT.  Still, we're looking for ways to fill our days with memorable fun, that's not expensive.  Today we achieved perfection in the low cost fun department!

This morning I ran the Frostbite 15K.  It was awesome.  Probably that's how I feel because I beat my ideal "goal" by 1 minute.  It was amazing!  I was super proud of my time.  I ran 15K in 1:29:01, for those of you who haven't heard me announce in in 3 other ways today!  And, I won a gift certificate for dinner for 2 to The Tavern, which H and I have never gone to, but we're looking forward to it b/c it's free.  So, HOORAY!  My race paid for itself!  For more details on my race experience, read about it here.

Then G had his Pinewood Derby Car race today for the Cub Scouts.  H and G headed out to the Derby at 1:30 for the official weigh in.  As soon as B woke up from her nap, the girls and I sprinted over and arrived just in time to see his car go down the track.  He got 2nd in all 3 heats, which no, that does not mean that he won a thing... but he didn't come in last, and he did have a mighty cute Dunkin Donuts Coffee car.  I'll post photos shortly.  And the cost of this adventure?  The car "kit" was included in his dues, so after we added $2.75 for paint and hours of work... the total cost came in under $3.  Pretty darned cheap.  And he's as PROUD of that car as I am of my 15K time.

So now, it's Sunday night and it's another madcap heres a cap wheres a cap handicap dash to ice skating, hockey, home for dinner, baths, bed and whew- hopefully I can get a few minutes of sanity this evening too!

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