Monday, January 5, 2009

~sniff~ I'm all ferklempt, again

This was supposed to be a day that was so far in the future that I couldn't imagine reaching it, and yet, it's here.

My baby is 9.  Nine.

I handled it really well I thought.  We did a big family surprise party for her down at Dad's house this weekend, which was a riot because she had no idea we were planning it.  Not even an inkling.  What a hoot.  It was a total spur of the moment thing, "hey, you know what would be fun...."  And the next thing you knew we were decorating the house in pink and yellow streamers while Jean hunted down a hannah montana balloon, and we grabbed a cake out of the prep'd cakes at Kroger- and we were off and running.  Instant party.  Fun fun fun.

Ok, except that the cake sucked.  I mean that.  It was $17 with sales tax, which meant that this 1/4 sheet cake cost as much as a whole double layer filled cake at Costco that feeds 48.  It was so gross though that there was no worry about not having enough.  When we left Dad's, we left the leftover cake behind.  ew.  It made all the adults sick feeling.  Not "sick", just "uhg".  

So, that was Saturday.  Today was her actual birthday, and I thought I was doing really well.  My baby is growing up.  She cheerfully pointed out to me that since she is turning double digits next year we should get her ears pierced in the next 12 months *yea right.  I hardly even blinked at the indication that 10 is right around the corner.  I'm a mother of 3.  I can handle anything even a negotiating 9 year old.

We decided that in honor of the REAL day I would go out to the little cupcake boutique near my house and get 5 cupcakes to celebrate with.  How genius right?  No leftovers, just enough cake for one event, and then done.  The special moment is over and the cake is gone at the same time.  Only, the cupcake store isn't open today.  I ended up at Whole Foods (because we know how I feel about Kroger cakes, and I dislike Ukrops cakes too, to be honest), where to my surprise and delight, I found that they sell gourmet cupcakes!  Yes, Whole Foods to the rescue.  I was prepared to pay $3/cupcake too, b/c I figured it was worth it to A)not have to do the work and B)not have leftovers in the house.  Only they were $1.50, filled with raspberry, uh, goo, and delicious.  Though, the vanilla ones are better than the chocolate, and usually I'm a chocolate kind of person.  And I bought 6 *incase of unexpected neighbor drop in, and guess what?  We have 3 left because they were so huge that we all split them.... I'm off track, as always.  SO- I thought I'd get teary eyed with the candle burning and singing... nope.  I was fine.  She was fine.  We were all fine.

... As I was saying, I was doing fine, and then tonight at 8pm I decided that I needed to do a grocery run, because it's been so hectic that I've run out of fruits and vegetables.  After the veggies I decided to go check out the bread, and I glanced toward the bakery and saw all the little number candles.  Suddenly I realized...  "oh wow.  they only go up to 9.  because after 9, it takes two candles to make the age.  Oh shit."  

And for just a second there in Kroger I thought, I can't do this.  I'm too young for this.  I can't be a mother of a child this old.  I just can't.  This was the day that was never going to come.  I remember when she was born and I thought, "when she's 6 I'll be XX age, and when she's 9 I'll be XX age, and when she's 16...."  But I never thought this day would come so fast.  I thought there would be time to prepare.  Time.

People say that time flies, and you never believe it until it happens to you.  People are right.  

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