Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trade ya...

Ever had one of those days where you're pretty sure that ONE more thing can NOT go wrong, only the next thing you know, something has?  I would gladly trade today with anyone who reads my blog.  I'm sure their day was quieter.  Less Tantrum-full.  Less embarrassment filled.  More grammatically correct.

Today started just a TAD early for me.  At 5:42.  By 7:00 I was up in the kitchen making coffee and feeding the kids a quick pre-breakfast breakfast.  After I cut my finger deep enough to bleed through 2 band aids in 10 minutes, I crawled back into bed at 7:30... and was up again at 8 because B was downstairs SCREAMING.  ((OH, you heard that where you live?  Sorry.  I'm pretty sure that we were breaking several Henrico County noise ordinances)).  Now, why was she screaming?  Was her hand burned in the toaster?  Did she break a bone?  Was she trapped under a piece of furniture?  ....  was her sister sitting beside her on the couch doing nothing to her?  Yes, her sister was on the couch doing nothing.

So at some point we put her back in bed, and I took the big kids bowling with a neighbor and her daughter.  It was my worst game ever.  I bowled about 4 gutter balls for every pin I knocked down.  I couldn't get a stride or something.  I don't know what was wrong.  My worst game of my life.  At some point H met us over there w/ B freshly fed and up from her nap & joined the bowling "fun".  But by the time we were done bowling B was running like a lunatic through the alley screaming.  So as she sprints away from Sean I turned to catch her, and my bag swung out and bumped something.

Someone.  A 90lbs woman with a cane, who was knocked to the ground, flattened by ME.  Please God.  Let a hole open up in the floor now.  Not only is my 2 year old STILL on the loose at Bowl America (because i released her when the woman fell) but there is a woman on the floor because of me.  She had a sense of humor about it, but I could have died.  

Then I brought the girls home to eat while H took G to a cub scout event.  After lunch, let me clarify, MINUTES after lunch was finished B, C and I went to the library to return something and pick something up.  And B had a temper-tantrum in the Twin Hickory Library over me carrying her b/c she was Hummeeeee.  Hungry.  Oh, you HEARD that?  yea, well so did everyone else in the library today.  Everyone.  

On the way home I had to make a quick stop to pick up an art supply for a school project for G.  (you all KNOW how much I love those school projects).  And then I came in at 3pm and put B down for her nap.  At 3:05 I put the escape artist back in her room.  At 3:10 my neighbor came over and my dogs barked so loud that... oh, You HEARD that?  Yea well, so did everyone else.

So, B's nap had to wait until 4.  When I came to the sad realization that there wasn't going to be another nap.  She 'rested' for 20 minutes.  In the meantime, to add insult to injury, C turned on the Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Best of BOTH WORLDS! concert.  OMG.  My daughter was dancing about in the living room singing and imitating a "pop star".

Meanwhile I cooked dinner, which didn't turn out very good.  All with the band aid wrapped finger that still hurts a bit.  Not enough for medical treatment, just enough to piss me off.  And now, just now, when I reached over and grabbed a rice crispy treat for dessert C says to me, you better not eat another bite of that mom, you're going to make yourself fat with all that sugar.  To which I sniped, "I'm running EIGHT miles tomorrow morning C.  If I want a rice crispy treat, I can have one."  Good god.  It's not like I was going to eat the whole pan.  Though I will admit, in her defense, it was a generous sized treat. 

I'm going to post this.  Clear the kitchen from the disaster, er, dinner, and going upstairs to drink my water and GO TO BED.  I don't care if it IS 7:45.

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PinkAsphaltMama said...

Ya know, the previous post in my reader from you was about the word "warm".

Hold on to that, missy.